Culnat™ LLC to introduce ‘new’ standard in closet flanges” ­– the Culwell™ flange

By: LJF Marketing
| Published 06/09/2014


THE WOODLANDS, Texas - Natalie Noack RN, CAPS, Co-Founder/President/ CEO of Culnat™ LLC announced that the company will be introducing a ‘new’ standard in closet flanges” ­– the Culwell™ flange, at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. This new product and its proprietary design work to prevent leaks, water damage and costly repairs. It’s the only product on the market that takes the property into account and not just the plumbing by sealing directly to the toilet and the floor.

Designed by Bill Culwell, Inventor, Licensed Master Plumber, Co-Founder/ Executive Vice-President- Development of Culnat, the Culwell flange design and watertight seal come from a true understanding of the needs of those installing and maintaining it.

“Simply put the Culwell flange solves a problem that has been understood and yet over looked for years. The potential for this problem to create significant damage to any home has been known in the flooring, plumbing and remodeling industry for decades,” noted Culwell. “Until now only temporary or make shift solutions like caulking the toilets’ perimeter against the floor have been used. But professionals know that this is temporary and may cause significantly more damage by trapping any escaping wastewater under the toilet and in the floor structure. The Culwell flange provides a durable, useful, and practical approach to maintaining the value and long term enjoyment in any home or construction project.”

In new construction or remodeling, the Culwell flange can save building owners and property managers thousands of dollars in time and repairs over the life of the property and provides a complete water seal solution that has become the new standard for specifying architects and engineers. The only one-of-its-kind when installed by manufacturer recommendations, it is the only closet flange that seals the floor, creating an impenetrable watertight seal.

“Water damage are two words that every property owner or manager dreads,” said Noack. “The cost, liability and the headaches associated with the never-ending repairs caused by water leakage around the toilet into the sub-floor can be prevented. Fix it and forget it with the Culwell flange, which will reduce downtime, cost for repairs, eliminate tenant turnover and liability from water damage.”

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