Support Kim Lejeune for School Board, Position 1

By: Matt Henderson
| Published 10/25/2014


As the father of two Conroe ISD students and the husband of a dedicated, hard-working Conroe ISD teacher, I would like to express my enthusiastic support for Kim Lejeune’s candidacy for the CISD school board, Position 1.

Intelligent, Dedicated, Ego-Free Leadership

I support Kim with so much enthusiasm because my family has seen her hard work, creativity and engaging communication style in her efforts with schools in the Oak Ridge feeder zone first-hand.

She has served with unselfish dignity and competence in her roles as PTO President, Vice President of Fundraising and Vice President of Programs, among other roles. She also has dedicated countless hours to local youth organizations, including the Oak Ridge Otters swim team.

I appreciate that Kim is a person of her word, and also a rare person who is truly devoid of ego. Because of her work in our schools, her interests in the school board are not self-serving. She has no interest in using the school board as a political stepping stone, and therefore will be free to advocate for the needs of our students, as well as of parents, grandparents, teachers and other key stakeholders. Kim will serve the people, not special interests.

I also am impressed with her understanding of business, since she and her husband own a small Software Development Company. For this reason, I know that she will work to see that tax dollars in CISD continue to get to schools and to classrooms, instead of being absorbed in upper-management.

This area is continuing to grow and change. We need Kim Lejeune's competence, communication and dedication as we move forward, in the Oak Ridge feeder zones and beyond.

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