Kim Lejeune for Position 1 CISD

By: Candy Mashburn
| Published 10/27/2014


I would like to express my support for Kim LeJeune for CISD School Board Position no. 1.

Kim LeJeune for CISD Board ?has served her community in the Oak Ridge feeder well in making a difference for your children. Her "Passion" is for children, not for political gain. Her heart leads her towards the opportunity to join in the efforts of building a foundation your children, and to be a part of the changes that will come.

I ask you to stop for a moment, look at this in another manner. What if you were voting for a teacher to lead your children for the next coming year? If you had that opportunity, what Characteristics’ would you want in that teacher for your child?

I have met both parties, during tax season one year I helped for a brief time. I had the opportunity to see how she conducted herself with others on the job and going out to eat. I have to say I was so sadden to know someone that thought so highly of them self and so little for others.

There are those whose aspirations are to use this platform as a tool for a stepping stone into politics.

Kim’s heart is HUGE, and ready to serve her community completely. She will never make a decision based on emotions. She has served on many boards; It was a community leader who asked Kim to run for this board position. Because they knew who was on the ballot and wanted someone with great integrity to see over their children’s welfare.

There are those as Kim LeJeune who are "READY" to serve "ALL" children no matter their status of income.

This candidacy is “Black and White” non-partisan. I hope that when you vote it is because you REALLY want the BEST for your children and NO other reason. Make a decision out of your own heart and mind. It’s no one’s business who you vote for, but your own. It is each, and every one of us who makes this community so "Amazing".

Keeping OUR Community "Conroe ISD" stand out among the rest. The Bright and Shining Star it is!

The foundation of our future is in our children.

Your "VOTE" does count! You’re not just one person; you are a thread in the mix of many threads that together creates a "Beautiful" Quilt, that I call "Conroe ISD".


Candy D. Mashburn

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