Dr. Ben Carson faces Montgomery County and the issues

By: J. Werner
| Published 09/11/2015


CONROE, Texas - Speaking before a sellout crowd, Republican Presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, emphasized that people are tired of the political rhetoric, and are possibly having a difficult time distinguishing between politicians who may be capable, and those they don’t trust, and may be why they're considering an outsider with a different point of view.

“They’re looking for some integrity, some truth. People are frustrated, by the fact that they don’t believe in their government,” said Dr. Carson. “People are saying, let’s go with someone who has a very different mindset, and perhaps someone who has a proven record of achievement,” he added. (To see his in-depth response, view video.)

The Monmouth University poll released Monday, showed Carson drawing even with Trump in the first poll in any of the first four nominating states, not showing Trump with a nominal lead. Both candidates garnered a 23 percent of respondents polled. The doctor was asked about Donald Trump’s remarks about him since the poll. See video for Dr. Carson’s response to Donald Trump’s remarks.

Other issues that were brought to Dr. Carson’s attention that are of concern…

Agenda 21, a non-binding, voluntarily implemented action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development.

The medical community’s resistance to move towards a proactive approach, and perpetuate reactionary medicinal practices.

The longer presentation to the residents of Montgomery County allowed for more in-depth discourse on issues of concern to the voters, than what was allowed in the abridged session with the media. Of principal concern...immigration, veteran’s benefits, 2nd Amendment Rights, education, welfare, and the country's current debt.


"Rounding up millions of people and sending them out, is not going to work. It’ s going to be much too complex, much too expensive,” said Dr. Carson.


"We need to be investing in our young people," said Dr. Carson. Being a proponent of higher education, he is concerned that our nation's students are lagging behind other countries. He opposes primary and secondary education being mandated on the federal level.


"I don’t want to do is to sustain programs that create dependency in able-bodied people.”Dr. Carson said.

The country's deficit...

“If you don’t have the money, then you don’t spend the money. “We can start with a balanced budget,” said Dr. Carson.

To read where Dr. Carson stands on other issues of concern, see Ben on the Issues.

In closing Dr. Carson said, “I would hope that the American people would listen to my solutions versus the solutions of people who have been lifetime politicians, and use their good judgement to make a decision as to whether it makes sense or not.”

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