An endorsement for Dr. Ann Snyder

By: Dr. George Kaufman
| Published 10/14/2015


It is an honor for me to endorse Ann Snyder as a candidate for The Woodlands Township Board of Directors, Position 6. My wife, Diane, and I have known Ann for over two decades, and together, our families have seen George Mitchell’s vision of a master-planned community become a reality. Ann was one of those pioneers who cared about the heart and soul of our community, and she still does! She has given tirelessly over the years to create a community that truly cares about its people.

I was privileged to serve with Ann on the Conroe Independent School District Board of Trustees. She was a knowledgeable and professional member of the board. I learned first-hand that Ann made all school board decisions based on what was right for each and every student.

Because of her diligent efforts, The Woodlands has become more than just a place of houses, office buildings, and retail centers. Rather, it is a place where people truly care about one another and strive to make peoples’ lives better.

As a local business professional for the past thirty-nine years, I want to have a leader who has a long proven track record of service and dedication to this ever-growing community that we call The Woodlands. Ann Snyder is that leader. She understands where we started so long ago and has a vision for our future. Please cast your vote for Dr. Ann Snyder, The Woodlands Township Board of Directors, Position 6.


Dr. George Kaufman

The Woodlands TX

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