Are you part of the 95?

By: Amy Lecocq
| Published 10/15/2015


Are you part of the 95% of registered voters in Montgomery County who do NOT vote in November odd year elections like the one set for November 3, 2015? In 2013, 6% of registered voters cast ballots and in 2011, 5% of registered voters cast ballots in Montgomery County.

That means that the majority of those 5 or 6% of registered voters (about 3%) select our leaders and determine whether bond issues and propositions pass or fail. I think that we can all agree THAT IS TOO LOW!

That is why, about a year ago, a number of people who have helped to build this great county joined together to address low voter turnout and to advocate for voters. We called our group The Voter Awareness Council (VAC) and incorporated in Texas as a nonprofit.

The VAC mission includes equipping voters with information from which they can make a fact-based decision on which candidates or positions to select. contains unbiased info on the county road bond, the CISD bond and the Township candidates. Other groups like the Montgomery County Tea Party’s Votesmart ratings or the Texas Patriots PAC present biased views of candidates and positions they support. They may be right or they may be wrong, but they are not neutral. As far as we know, the VAC is the only group that presents objective unbiased information. We do not support or endorse any candidate or position. We trust the voters to select the candidate or position that most closely reflects their beliefs.

The VAC is co-hosting 3 candidate forums in the Township race. The last one will be October 17th at 9:30am in Building B-102 at Lone Star College-Montgomery. We invite you to come hear the candidates for yourself and then we encourage you to GO VOTE!!!

Please don’t let 3% of registered voters determine the fate of our Township and County. VOTE!!!

Amy Lecocq


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