Judge Seiler receives Top scores from Montgomery County Tea Party

By: Donna Wick
| Published 01/07/2016


THE WOODLANDS, TX – Incumbent judge of Montgomery County’s 435th District Court Mike Seiler has received the top scores from the Montgomery County Tea Party (MCTP) vetting committee. His position as the highest-scoring candidate for the position was announced at the conservative group’s monthly meeting on January 4.

The conservative group vetted all candidates running in the upcoming primary elections. The vetting process included candidates being given questionnaires, interviews with the vetting committee, and independent analysis and research. The combined scores of each candidate determined if they received a recommendation, an endorsement, or any recognition at all.

While no candidates running for the 435th judicial position received an endorsement – due to the organization’s policy that an endorsement must be approved by at least 75 percent of the vetting committee – Judge Seiler received the most votes and earned the coveted “top scoring” position. He was particularly praised by the vetting committee for his experience and his efficiency in running the court, as well as his ability to “every day face a tremendously difficult and gut-wrenching job” as the 435th District Court handles hundreds of sex-offender cases every year.

“This recognition by this group is extremely gratifying,” said Seiler. “To have my experience recognized, along with the recognition of what it takes to sit on the bench of this court and remain positive, fair and judicious, strengthens my resolve.”

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