Napolitano elections signs stolen throughout county

By: Paul Lazzarro
| Published 03/01/2016


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas - I spoke to Jim and Angie Napolitano last night after midnight. They had just completed putting up their campaign signs (with help) at all 90 polling places for today’s Primary election. This morning, multiple Napolitano signs are missing at locations ranging from The Woodlands to East County. YES, they have pix of the signs being up because some of their supporters put out the signs and took pix to show the Napolitanos. This morning, when they and supporters went to work the polls at 7 a.m. - most of the signs were gone.

This is obviously an organized and targeted effort to specifically remove Napolitano signs. They know they put their signs next to those of a particular judge. The judge signs are still there. The Napolitanos are not! There are a bunch of goons out there who do not want Napolitano to be elected.(Refer back to complaints of parking lot intercepts of women by men who identified themselves as being Sheriff Deputies?) Stealing any candidate’s election signs is a crime! How odd that someone is committing a crime to prevent a Sheriff from being elected to protect and observe the law in Montgomery County USA.

For details call Angie Napolitano who is out working the polls at 281-475-9344

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