Mark Keough delivers statement on attacks in Brussels

By: Texas State Representative Mark Keough
| Published 03/23/2016


The terrorist attacks in Brussels on Tuesday remind us reality. There are evil people in this world that seek to steal our God given freedom, undermine and destroy our way of life, and through the use of fear impose their will over that of the common good.

These evil people do not value life, have no respect for Christianity or people of faith of any religion, and will even destroy those of their own religion who disagree with their deviant thinking. Their mission is simple, kill and destroy anyone or anything that is in disagreement with their religion. Any social structure or system of law other than theirs is fair game in their strategy of religious cleansing. The Brussels incident once again demonstrates that they attack with no reservation anyone who is not sympathetic to the Caliphate including innocent men, women and children. And though we are many miles away, it wakens us to the very real possibility that these attacks could happen in our backyard. Even more disconcerting is how our President responded with virtually nothing to ease the fear but the typical “red line in the sand” type of verbiage; talk but don’t act rhetoric. His 51 second address offered virtually no assurance that he had any real measure of concern only to be followed by an afternoon at the ball park.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Brussels. Their pain is ours and we are reminded of how fragile our liberty really is when attacks like this happen. For this reason I am sharing with you the following considerations.

First, I've received many comments from residents concerned that similar incidents could happen here. In response, my staff and I have spent the last day in communication with multiple state and local agencies. I have personally been in dialogue with the director of The Texas Department of Public Safety, several of his command staff including The Texas Rangers, Montgomery County Judge's Office, Montgomery County Sherriff Department, the Constable, local law enforcement, and other pertinent public safety. Across the board, they have assured me that although they cannot predict future events, they are on heightened alert and are doing everything within their capacity to deter a possible attack including staying in constant contact with each agency. After having these conversations with those entrusted with making emergency decisions, it is obvious why our state, county and local community are the envy of the nation. The resolve of our leaders, at both the state and local level about security threats is strong and proactively addressed.

Second, it's important that we don't allow terrorists to steal our liberty through fear. God hasn’t given us the spirit of fear but rather the ability to have a sound mind and clear thinking absent of fear. We must go about our daily life without interruption and maintain faith and calm in the face of these threats. This requires of us to be vigilant, aware of our surroundings and exercise our duty to report any illegal or suspicious activity to the proper authorities. Texas Department of Public Safety maintains a website that can be used to immediately notify law enforcement around the state of any suspicious activity. You may find this website online by going to . The watch program was created as a partnership between communities and state law enforcement, and utilizes citizen-sourced tips related to criminal activity that illicit a contact almost immediately at the local level. Preparations for terrorist attacks may often be seen but rarely reported. If you see something, say something.

Finally, we must all understand that freedom is not free. To enjoy the way of life that the sacrifices of others has offered, we must be willing to do whatever it takes to stand against any encroachment upon our American -Texas Exceptionalism that is founded in our Judeo Christian values. Through our faith in God and our strong sense of community, we will combat and defeat terrorism and terrorists wherever they may be. It is our duty to us, our families and the next generation of Texans.

God bless you and God bless the great State of Texas.

Mark J Keough

Texas State Representative

House District 15

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