Jim Clark addresses community concerns about the Montgomery County Animal Shelter

By: Jim Clark, County Commissioner Precinct 4
| Published 04/27/2016


I would like to thank all of the people who attended Commissioners Court this week to voice their comments and concerns about the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. It is clear that area residents feel deeply about taking care of all animal, especially lost, abandoned and neglected animals and the county's duty to handle this responsibility.

While the shelter faces many challenges that cannot be resolved overnight, we are directing our staff and our resources to improve conditions at the facility, make sure that animals are fed, cages are cleaned regularly and animals are being treated humanely.

Abuse of animals will not be tolerated at MCAS. While many comments regarding conditions at the facility have been found to be inaccurate or exaggerations of known problems, we take these issues seriously. Indeed, anyone with direct knowledge of animal abuse is encouraged to contact Joe Guidry, director of Montgomery County Animal Control at or the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office at 936-760-5800.

The staff, volunteers and support groups working at MCAS put forth a great deal of effort and have a significant positive effect on the lives of cats and dogs at the shelter. In recent weeks, we have begun creating policies and procedures that will ultimately improve conditions at the shelter. Change is difficult, but necessary.

What we also need to do, however, is communicate better with the public to offer greater transparency about conditions, activities and progress at the shelter. This has been made very clear and something we intend to do better immediately.

I took on oversight responsibility for MCAS because I share a love of animals and a commitment to serve the people of Montgomery County. I hope you will join me in helping make our shelter a better facility for the community as well as the animals housed there.

Jim Clark
Montgomery County
Precinct 4 Commissioner

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