Spring Brings More than Just Pollen to Southeast Texas

By: Kacee Kirschvink
| Published 03/20/2019


THE WOODLANDS, TX – Spring can be warm and wonderful, but the change in seasons can also be wild and wooly. The official arrival of Spring on Wednesday also ushers in a host of potentially extreme weather that can bring high winds, lightning, hail and even tornadoes. All these things can cause power outages and bring down power lines.

Entergy Texas prepares year-round for these disruptive events. Employees monitor the weather round-the clock, and when severe weather threatens, crews mobilize for outage restoration.

"We encourage customers to prepare, too,” said Stuart Barrett, Entergy Texas vice president of customer service. “Severe weather can develop quickly. Once that happens, it’s too late to start working on a preparedness plan. Advance planning and staying weather aware helps ensure you survive these storms, which can sometimes be deadly.”

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind:
- Never go near downed power lines and never assume that the lines are dead just
because they are on the ground. After a storm, some power lines can be hard to
spot, as they could become tangled in trees or covered by storm debris.
- Have an emergency supply kit filled with water, medicine, non-perishable food and other items.
- Purchase and use surge protectors for your special electronics.
- Keep phones, computers and other rechargeable electronics fully charged.
- Check batteries in flashlights to make sure they are working properly.
- Install a smart phone app that will alert you to severe weather in the area or sign
up for emergency alerts on your smart phone.
- Have a weather radio with a loud alarm that will wake you when severe weather
threatens at night.

Once a storm hits, know how to give and get information if you need help:

- Check the View Outages map on Entergy’s website or app for outage info
and, if available, cause and estimated restoration time
- Download the free Entergy app for Apple or Android to check power at
your home or business and to report outages
- Visit the Entergy Storm Center for updates and information
- Register for  MyAccountAnywhere  to get outage info on your mobile
phone and to send and receive texts.
- You may also report outages by calling 1-800-ENTERGY.

“We work hard to stop outages before they happen, but storms can be powerful and unpredictable,” Barrett said. “Being prepared and having everything you need in one central location, including a way to notify us, will help you be more comfortable during an outage. It will also instill order and safety while our crews restore service.”

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