Marjorie Ferrone to be recognized by the State of Texas

By: Drone Parks Worldwide
| Published 05/21/2019


AUSTIN, TX - Marjorie Ferrone, CoFounder and Chief Operations Officer of Drone Parks® Worldwide, will be recognized by the House of Representatives next week for her outstanding role as a woman in the drone industry.

The Drone Parks® Worldwide CoFounder will receive one of the highest honors for residents in the State of Texas.

The Marjorie Ferrone resolution will be brought forth by Representative Steve Toth (pictured below) of House district 15 for a final vote next week. If passed, Ferrone will receive one of the highest honors for a resident of Texas.

“The drone industry is the next great American frontier and Texas will undoubtedly play an keystone role in this next era of aviation. I am beyond honored to receive recognition from the State I love so dearly' Ferrone says. She will be the first drone entrepreneur to be recognized by the state of Texas.

'The growth and innovation we have seen in the drone industry is an example of what happens when people are free to pursue their talents, and the fact that Marjorie is one of only 10 women receiving this award should make her a role model to all aspiring entrepreneurs,' said Representative Toth.

“I am grateful for Representative Toth and his legislative director Braden Deckhard who have lead this effort. Their commitment to honoring entrepreneurship and small business in Texas is extraordinary' stated Ferrone.
“I have no doubt that this is a big moment for the Texas drone industry' says Ferrone. 'This is the first time in our state's history that a drone business will be recognized by the state legislature. This is literally history in the making. It's very consistent with the rest of our history as Drone Parks® Worldwide.'

Join us at the Texas capital next Tuesday, May 21st at 9am as the House votes on the Marjorie Ferrone Resolution.

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