Happy ending, couple receive vehicle from Good Samaritan

By: Brynn Rader, Woodlands Online
| Published 06/07/2019

Don standing near the car received as a gift

THE WOODLANDS, TX -- When people find themselves in need, it can be hard to reach out for assistance. In April, a couple, visiting Texas to see their family, fell into difficult circumstances and desperately needed a vehicle. The couple requested help through the placement of internet ads. Woodlands Online is happy to have provided a resource which brought a joyful ending to the story.

Chris and Don live outside of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Just before coming to visit children and grandchildren living in Texas, a large doe and buck jumped out in front of their van. A collision with an animal of this size completely damaged the vehicle, leaving the couple wondering what they could do to make the trip down to their loved ones.

“Insurance let us bring the rental down for Christmas,” Chris said. “My son had some friends who had a van for sale and thought it just needed an in-tank fuel pump. I paid for it, and when we got here, had a guy install it. But it refused to run so I paid a wrecker, hauled it to a shop, and they said motor [sic] was shot. I had put everything I had in it.”

Chris’ husband, Don, is in poor health and needs care, which prevents her from seeking outside employment. This situation left the couple with no vehicle to get to doctor appointments and return home. After a bad experience through Craigslist, someone in the community informed the couple about Woodlands Online and encouraged them to advertise here.

On the morning of Monday, April 29, Chris stepped out of her comfort zone and placed an ad in the Woodlands Online classified pages. The ad explained the dire situation the couple found themselves in, requested leads for a reliable and inexpensive vehicle, and mentioned the funds they were able to offer for a vehicle purchase amounted to less than $1,000.

Within hours of posting on our site and sharing through Woodlands Online social media, a kind-hearted man contacted the company to inform the couple about a car he had available. Days later on Friday, May 3, the couple met with the man (who wishes to remain anonymous) and were overjoyed at the abundantly generous gift of a 1997 Volvo s40 (with no cash exchanged). The car, formerly used by the man’s son for college, is in good condition with operational air-conditioning. This Good Samaritan promptly came forward to rescue strangers in their time of need.

“People were amazing,” Chris said, speaking of those who reached out after posting on Woodlands Online. “Several contacted me with information on organizations that might be able to help. There are long waiting lists, though. One kind lady texted to let me know she was very interested in what had happened, and, though she had no car, she was praying for us. No one was rude or unkind. I was so impressed by how nice the people are.”

Following bad experiences through other classified sites, Chris became hesitant to ask for help again. Once Chris spoke with the gentleman and met with him to receive the gift, she felt relief. “He was so friendly and kind. I can truly say he is one of the nicest people I've ever met. Now we can get home,” Chris said.

The couple has been able to drive to necessary doctor appointments and are making plans to travel home with their two little dogs in tow.

“Thank you so much for running my ad and to the people who were praying and contacting us,” Chris said. “Bless you, T., for the car.”

In this self-centered world, a true story with a beautiful ending, like this one, involving compassionate, giving humans is rare indeed. Let us celebrate the good around us and be determined to play an active role in spreading kindness.

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