Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District Meeting Highlights Tuesday- June 11, 2019

By: Margie Taylor
| Published 06/14/2019


CONROE, TX – The Regular Meeting of the District’s Board of Directors commenced at 6:00pm following several short public hearings on Permit and Permit Amendment Applications.

All Board members were present except for Secretary Stuart Traylor. Present were President Webb Melder, Vice President Harry Hardman, Treasurer Jim Spigener, Director Jon Bouché, Director Jonathan Prykryl and Director Larry Rogers.

Bookkeeper, Kay Martin shared the financials and noted a net income year to date of $371,802. Interim General Manager, Samantha Reiter discussed the need to renew the District’s TWCA Risk Management Fund Coverage for 2019-2020. The item was approved by the Board.

Mike Thornhill, District Hydrogeologist, explained that in the near future, he and District Engineer Bob Harden would like to present the scope of work for studies on countywide pumpage distribution and subsidence for the Board to consider.

Action was taken to approve Director Jim Spigener to take the place of Director Harry Hardman on the Non-Technical Study Group since Hardman is working diligently with GMA 14 as the District’s representative. An update was provided on the status of the two groups formed at the May board meeting. Ms. Reese stated that both groups had their initial meetings this week. She also reminded the Board that both groups will meet separately as they deliberate then come together for a Work Session to share and discuss before presenting to the public.

A motion was discussed and approved regarding a Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement to be signed by all District hired consultants as a standard practice. The agreement would exclude any public information.

No action was taken on approving a contract expansion for Taylorized PR and following discussion the item died for a lack of motion.

Director Hardman continues to work on issues related to GMA 14 and the development of desired future conditions related to LSGCD. The next meeting for GMA 14 is scheduled for June 26th .

In the General Manager’s Report, Ms. Reiter noted that she is working closely with Swagit to broadcast the District’s public meetings and hopes to have that capability in place soon. She also mentioned that she met with USGS regarding updating the Interlocal Agreement to include the installation of additional monitoring wells.

Ms. Reese ended the meeting by noting that the District received notice from the Texas Water Development Board that the submitted management plan was found to be not administratively complete. She also explained that the District has 60 days to appeal the decision or 180 days to submit a new plan. Lastly, Ms. Reese explained that while the Texas Legislature has convened in Austin, the Governor has until June 16 th to sign or veto bills before they automatically become law. She named bills of potential importance to LSGCD as HB 722, which governs rules for brackish zones and HB 1066, regarding the extension of expired transport permits.

New Business for next month was requested by Director Prykryl suggesting Executive Session be moved to the regular meeting to follow the Public Comment agenda item.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25pm.

More information on meetings, agendas and minutes may be found at www.LoneStarGCD.org

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