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By: Rachel Norton
| Published 02/18/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Brownlee Wealth Management is changing the status quo. As a Certified Financial Planner, Owner, Justin Brownlee, works as a “fee only” advisor with a flat retainer pricing structure, meaning: his firm can build your wealth while saving you money.

Brownlee built his firm to serve retirees or pre-retirees coming from major oil and gas petrochemical companies. Having been the lead advisor on a book of over 300 million dollars in assets, where most of his clients were in oil and gas, Brownlee has the experience needed to work within this specific niche.

“A majority of the families I’ve worked with in my career come from Exxon, Chevron, Shell, and other major energy companies,” Brownlee said. “They just have situations that a lot of other people don’t have financial planning wise … and if it’s done incorrectly, they can end up spending way more in taxes than they should,” he said. His expertise includes retirement planning, investments, and estate planning.

As a fiduciary, opposed to a broker or hybrid, Brownlee isn’t paid a commission. This frees him to consider what his clients actually need versus what can make him the most money. You can trust that the portfolio he delivers was built purely with your best interest in mind.

Brownlee is so dedicated to upstanding an honest firm that he refuses to follow the standard asset based fee. The average investment firm charges every client one percent of their assets, meaning it’s normal for oil and gas retirees to pay 40 to 60 thousand dollars per year for someone to manage their money. For the most part, the financial planners put in the same amount of work regardless of the asset amount.

“I think that’s absolutely insane. I don’t think that makes sense at all,” Brownlee said. “The families I’m serving didn’t inherit a bunch of money. They worked for forty years, they saved diligently … that’s why I wanted my firm to adopt a flat retainer pricing structure,” he said.

The flat retainer is based on your net worth. “If you have a couple million saved, I’m probably going to be about half the price of the Wall Street average. If you have 5 or 6 million saved, I’m going to be a quarter or a third of what a typical Wall Street firm charges,” Brownlee said.

Brownlee got into this line of work because at his core he has a passion for teaching. He loves to teach families how they can take their finances and merge them into the life they want to live. “The goal is that you take all of the assets that you have, whether that’s a lot, or a little, and you build a life of love through that,” he said.

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