Shenandoah Convention & Visitors Bureau Announces Move to City of Shenandoah Municipal Complex

By: John Mayner
| Published 05/22/2020


SHENANDOAH, TX - The Shenandoah Convention & Visitors Bureau (Shenandoah CVB) announced that as of Friday, May 15, 2020, it relocated its offices from the Shenandoah Visitor Center at 19265 David Memorial Drive in Shenandoah, TX, to the city’s municipal complex at 29955 I-45.

Technological advancements and cost savings cited as primary reasons for timing as lease ends.

According to John Mayner, CVB Director, ongoing advancements in technology have made the expense of operating a separate visitor center unnecessary. According to Mayner, “The simple fact is that this move comes down to two things: the end of a long-term lease; technology accessibility and advancements. In my initial interviews with the city, we discussed how the long-term lease for the Visitor’s Center was coming to a close and would probably not be renewed, and that the Convention & Visitors Bureau, currently a 2 person department of the City, would be moving its offices to the City’s Municipal Complex.” Mayner continued, “With the accessibility of smart phones and GPS systems in cars, the numbers of individuals needing traditional Visitor Center services has diminished to the point that it is no longer financially responsible to continue to operate such a large standalone building as our current visitor center.”

According to Mayner, the Convention & Visitors Bureau will still provide traditional visitor center assistance and services for those wanting that type of person-to-person assistance in its new location, and it will still provide some state visitor guides and brochures, along with maps, and a number of area brochures and maps for the foreseeable future, as soon as the city’s offices are open to the public.

CVB also announces plans to launch a new website.

Coincidentally, the Shenandoah CVB has also launched a complete redesign of its current website,, earlier this week as part of this year’s plan. Previously, the CVB had a department page under the city’s website. With this new website redesign, the CVB will move from being a department page on the city’s website to having a fully independent sub-site with its own navigation. It will include several new features that will provide a much better user experience and highlight all that the city has to offer, while also including some new tools that should also help it grow and increase its social media following.

Additionally, another tool that will be integrated into the new website, is a new Small Meetings and Special Events planner that highlights the city’s hotels, restaurants and special event venues to help promote the incredible value of our destination, for small groups and corporate events. The need for this piece will be very helpful once groups can meet and gather again, especially as the city prepares to have three new hotels open within the next year, and it continues to develop and move forward with new COVID-19 recovery efforts.

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