Two New Masterfully-Designed Parks to Open this Summer in The Woodlands Hills

By: Lorrie Parise
| Published 06/11/2020


CONROE, TX - Adding to the spectacular amenities, residents can enjoy in The Woodlands Hills®, two new parks –Sue Luce’s Daisy Park and Rick and Roz Dauzat Peace Park – will debut this summer, The Howard Hughes Corporation® (NYSE: HHC) has announced. The Woodlands Hills is one of Houston’s newest master planned communities in Conroe and Willis, located 13 miles north of The Woodlands®.

“We are excited to announce the addition of these two masterfully-designed parks in The Woodlands Hills,” said Heath Melton, Executive Vice President of MPC Residential for The Howard Hughes Corporation. “These nature-encompassing parks offer pedestrian connectivity within the community as each one is accessible by just a five-to-ten minute walk. Each park is surrounded by nature, creating the perfect ambiance for health, fitness and wellness activities.'

Sue Luce’s Daisy Park, a one-acre neighborhood park nestled in the trees and accented by daisies, will serve as the social and recreational focal point for nearby neighborhoods in the “Grove” village of The Woodlands Hills. This whimsical activity park will utilize nature as the playground for younger and older children, featuring a giant spider climber, stepping logs and a hill that youth can climb up and roll down. Its playground, aptly called Branch Out, will create a tree fort within the park. It also will feature ADA- compliant swings. A pavilion will provide a nice respite from the sun and serve as an area for gatherings with family and friends. To take in a little more nature, a natural trail will bisect the park highlighting the native flora and fauna. A giant 24-foot native white oak tree is a highlight of Daisy Park.

Sue Luce’s Daisy Park is named in memory of the late Sue Luce, who was a successful Realtor® and pillar of Montgomery County. Her daughter, Nelda Luce Blair, won the naming rights in a charitable donation bid that benefited the Montgomery County Community Foundation. The auction item was donated by The Howard Hughes Corporation.

Rick and Roz Dauzat Peace Park will feature a 1.8-mile meandering pathway that winds along an intermittent creek bed, a tributary of Stewart’s Creek, accessible through three pedestrian boardwalks for leisurely walks. The forested park will offer playful exploration with boulders and logs to scale and several nature trails. Connected by nature to two patio home neighborhoods in the “Ridge” village of The Woodlands Hills, Peace Park will feature shaded sitting areas for relaxation and reflection, away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Officially named Rick and Roz Dauzat Peace Park, with the naming rights donated to a charitable bid from The Howard Hughes Corporation, the 2.5-acre park is designed with a passive, tranquil landscape for serene enjoyment. Native plants and wild birds indigenous to the area can be observed from the park.

Both parks will open this summer.

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