Zewski Corporation Near The Woodlands Helps Inventors Bring Products to Life

By: Rachel Norton
| Published 06/15/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Picture this: you have an idea for a medical device that would improve the lives of patients and doctors. The idea could be brand new, or maybe it’s a way to improve an already existing product. So you mold some Play-Doh, or you draw a simple sketch of it on paper. Once you’re finished tweaking things you think, “Hey, this could really work. This product should be produced and sold on the market … but how?” That’s where Zewski Corp comes in.

Zewski Corp was formed in 2007 to focus on product design and development. They’ve always had a medical element to their business, but since about 2015 this has become their core focus. They have served companies of all sizes, from billion-dollar companies and down.

“Among other design firms, there are two things that set us apart,” said Zewski Corp President, Larry Kiliszewski. “One, not only do we focus on medical device design, but we also support the design control effort, from concept sketch to validation test samples. The importance of this is only really valued by those who understand the complexity of navigating the FDA and European rules for device design and manufacturing, which leads to the second difference in our effort. That is to spend the time with the client necessary, helping them understand this process before they hire us,” he said.

Zewski Corp also has the benefit of a diverse group of engineers and designers who have a wide variety of tools and external partnerships to get their jobs done. The two teams are industrial designers for concept development, and engineers for product design.

An easier way to think of it is this: industrial designers figure out all the human aspects for products, the shape, the size, and the appeal. They then pass the project over to the engineers, who figure out how to make the product work structurally, considering the cabling, the materials, and the testing needed to be proved by the FDA.

“We design a product to be more commercialized,” Kiliszewski said. “We figure out how it could be made, what materials it will be made with, and we build a proof of concept prototype, which would be pretty close to a final product.” It would probably be made out of 3D printed materials, and it might be hand painted. Once the prototype is complete, Zewski Corp then connects their clients to manufacturers to helps move things into production.

“Every project is rewarding and challenging, after all, everything we do is new and different than other solutions out there,” Kiliszewski said. “I am proud to have a business where relationships from, old clients still call me to say “hi” years after working on their projects, and repeat clients have become close friends.”

For further information, visit the Zewski Corp website.

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