‘Huddle Up’ Business Strategy Company in The Woodlands Shortens the Learning Curve for Small Business Owners

By: Rachel Norton
| Published 06/23/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Small business owners face many challenges. They have to be aware of, manage, and plan for a lot, even the unexpected. As with most professions, experience is everything. Roger Goertz, founder of the business strategy company, Huddle Up, has nearly 50 years of business acumen and wants to pass on his knowledge.

“I’ve started companies from scratch, I’ve closed out a company by selling it, I’ve taken over companies with tremendous losses and built them into profitable entities,” Goertz said. “I learned from A to Z, from start up in terms of business plans, SBA loans, financing, finding locations, all the way through the hiring process, rules and guidelines for labor and taxes, and everything else thrown at you as a small business owner.”

In August of 2019, after selling the business franchise he’d owned for 16 years, Mr. Rooter Plumbing, Goertz knew he wanted to stay active in the business community. During his career he’d been able to grow Mr. Rooter Plumbing to 4.6 million in annual sales, he’d been president of four different U.S. companies, and had helped grow international businesses in both Canada and Japan.

“I kept thinking of all the mentors I’d had in my career, all the opportunities I’d had … A lot of it wasn’t planned, it just kind of fell my way,” he said. “It was almost like God had a plan for me that I didn’t know, but I kept following it and I did well … now I want to pay it forward.”

Huddle Up was born out of that desire, as well as Goertz’s love for teaching. Instead of seeing himself as a typical business coach or consultant, he calls himself a business strategist, because he wants to help business owners strategize from the ground, up.

From forming a mission statement, to initial investments, pricing structure, evaluating competitor’s weaknesses, and blueprinting advantages, with Roger Goertz personal help, small business owners will evaluate, plan out, and grow their companies for future success. Whether they’re in the building phase, currently in the trenches, or planning to sell, Huddle Up can help.

The fee for the first hour of business advice through Huddle Up costs between $200 and $300, then any further time is billed at a flexible hourly rate.

“People are in business to make money and I probably should be too, but as long as I’m comfortable, and I can pass my knowledge along, and help a business owner, that’s just something we work out together,” Goertz said. “Something we’re both comfortable with.”

“Huddle up,” is calling the team together, learning new plays, sharing information, staying ahead of the competition, and creating the environment of, ‘Whatever we achieve today, we will exceed it tomorrow!’

For further information, check out Huddle Up’s Facebook page.
To set up an appointment, contact Roger Goertz at rogergoertz@gmail.com, or leave a message on his cell, (281) 705-4994.

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