High-End BBQ in The Woodlands; The Story Behind Black Lace Barbeque

By: Rachel Norton
| Published 07/27/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX – “I don’t recommend putting any kind of sauce on it,” said Black Lace Barbeque CEO Daniel Fielder, in regard to the brisket, ribs, chicken, sausage and pulled pork he serves. “I’ve worked twenty years perfecting it,” he said.

The formation of Black Lace BBQ, a restaurant that caters and delivers high-end barbeque across the Houston Area, was created out of Fielder’s love for cooking; specifically, his interest in barbecue.

“It’s a process,” Fielder said. “You wake up, you prep the grill, you clean it, start the fire, get the cabin smokers to warm up … it’s kind of a routine. It takes some patience, but I think that’s the appeal of it,” he said.

Fielder has been grilling for his family and friends since getting married in 2002. With two sons at home, the only quiet time available was often overnight; time in which he found plenty of opportunities to make and fix barbecue mistakes. He was told many times that he should create a restaurant, but it was not until last fall, when he sold his IT company, that the dream became a reality.

Since December 2019, Black Lace Barbeque has catered for private events and office parties, as well as families and individuals. “We have customers who will buy 10 pounds every week for their family,” Fielder noted. “We often get feedback that this is the best barbeque they have ever had.”

Corn bread, mac and cheese, green beans, and potato salad, are just some of the sides that can accompany the entrees. Best yet, each order is customizable. For instance, if a customer wants wild game, jalapeño sausage, or even gigantic beef ribs, Black Lace BBQ will make it happen.

“We’re game to try anything,” Fielder commented. “It’s a flexible menu … we don’t want to be cookie cutter.”

Presentation is another way in which this company stands out from the rest. Catered meals are vacuum sealed, if requested, and nicely packaged, along with durable plates and utensils, to-go trays, logo-stamped napkins, hand-written notes, and extra food samples to taste. They’ve been to known to throw in a little extra, if there is a partial brisket left-over, for example. Black Lace can also split up a large order with a requested quantity for immediate consumption in foil trays and then the remainder vacuum-sealed for the after parties.

They recommend half a pound of protein per person and can cater more than 100 pounds of meat. All that’s asked is a few days of prior notice to prepare.

Black Lace BBQ currently doesn’t have a physical storefront, so all orders are taken by email, or over the phone. Fielder’s ultimate goal, however, is to have a small restaurant where people are willing to line up and wait to have a barbecue experience, not just a meal.

“I don’t think you can have briskets served all day long and really do them right,” Fielder commented. “We want to make certain that everything someone tastes, is something that will make them say, ‘wow!’”

For a full menu and contact information, visit the Black Lace BBQ website.

Check out their Instagram and Facebook page for photos of their delicious eats along with their two smokers, that they have adoringly named Dolly and Betty.

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