The Woodlands High School Volleyball Player Reunited with Paramedics Who Saved Her Life

By: Misti Willingham
| Published 09/16/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX - In May of 2020, Julieta Valdes, a 16-year-old freshman at The Woodlands High School, was working out with her sister in their home when she collapsed. Fortunately, her family knew just what to do: they called 911 and followed MCHD ALARM Medic III Scott McCully’s instructions closely. They performed CPR, along with McCully counting with them aloud, until Montgomery County Hospital District paramedics and firefighters from The Woodlands Fire Department arrived at her home. At a Save Reunion held this week in The Woodlands, In-Charge Paramedic Tyler Grisham described the amazing teamwork that went into saving Julieta’s life after she suffered sudden cardiac arrest that day. After performing CPR, using a cardiac monitor for defibrillation and, finally, after more than 20 minutes, paramedics Grisham and his partner, Attendant Paramedic Joseph O’Neill confirmed her pulses had returned.

MCHD Medical Director Dr. Robert Dickson said it well at the reunion event, “A person’s chain of survival starts the minute they call 911 - and proper instructions on how to do CPR can increase chances of survival by more than 50 percent.” He said, “We are extraordinarily happy to see you here with us today.”

Julieta was equally happy to reunite with the crews who will forever be a part of her chain of survival. In a letter she read aloud to the paramedics and first responders, she said in part, “With this new opportunity of life I have been graciously gifted by you, I feel like I have a greater purpose and want to make an impact as well… Every accomplishment I have in life from now on, whether big or small, is because of you.”

On behalf of Julieta and MCHD, we would like to thank:
Tyler Grisham (MCHD In-Charge Paramedic)
Joe O’Neill (MCHD Attendant Paramedic)
Scott McCully (MCHD ALARM Medic III)

Woodlands Fire
BC Mitch Hubbard
Lt Bill Holt
FF Gary Rogers (acting D/O)
FF Travis Nicholson

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