The Woodlands Professional Fire Fighters Association Proudly Endorses Local Candidates

By: The Woodlands Professional Fire Fighters Association
| Published 09/17/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX - We put our lives on the line. In return, we ask for local leaders who are committed to public and firefighter safety.

The Woodlands Professional Firefighters Association proudly endorses the following candidates:

• Gordy Bunch for Township Position 1
• John Anthony Brown for Township Position 3
• James Noack for Montgomery County Precinct 3 Commissioner
• Jason J. Nelson for Township Position 2
• Bruce Rieser for Township Position 4
• Steve Toth for Texas House District 15

Please vote down ballot for The Woodlands Township elections. Early voting: October 13 - October 30. Election Day: Tuesday, November 3.

Political advertising paid for by United Fire Fighters of The Woodlands.

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