Conservative Business Pac Endorses Woodlands Township Candidate Dr. Dan Hannon

By: Conservative Business Pac
| Published 10/08/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- While the Texas Pro-Business Coalition Political Action Committee is not alone among conservative PACs, it is among the few that was developed and founded by conservative, common-sense business people who are dedicated to electing political and governmental leaders who recognize that local business in America supports the economy.

Fed up with mis-information and manipulation of voters, The TXPBC-PAC, founded by Danny Signorelli and a group of local business owners and community leaders created the Montgomery County Chapter to educate voters and subsequently endorse candidates for the upcoming 2020 election. Among the endorsed is Dr. Dan Hannon, running for The Woodlands Township Board, Place 4.

TXPBC-PAC President, Danny Signorelli stated, “We are so honored to endorse potential Board members of this caliber.” He continued, “Hannon is a well-experienced candidate with a fiscally conservative plan for the Township and unmatched qualifications compared to the incumbent he seeks to unseat. Hannon has his heart and mind in the right place, is a long-time resident of the Woodlands, does not seek power and control for ego or personal gain, is both strong and kind, is an independent thinker and is strongly against creating a wasted layer of government and higher taxes. Hannon will protect our hometown.”

Dr. Dan Hannon, a long-time Methodist minister who has lived continuously in The Woodlands for 30 years with his wife. Dan is running for The Woodlands Township Board Place 4, against part-time Woodlands resident, Bruce Rieser, who has stated from his home in Michigan, that he has unfinished business to incorporate the Woodlands. Dan earned the TXPBC endorsement because he is a part of the fabric that is the Woodlands, he understands and cares about its future. He is opposed to incorporation of The Woodlands, as the State of Texas has ruled it illegal for the City of Houston to annex the community without a full vote by residents.

Hannon is in support of controlling budgets and taxes. He supports complete transparency, something the TXPBC feels is badly needed in the township. Hannon will bring light to the unrestricted $20+ million cash hoard that Township leadership has accumulated. Dan Hannon also believes in better supporting and managing the $13+ million law enforcement contracts with Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Constables’ Offices, and the Harris County Sheriff.

For more information about the Texas Pro-Business Coalition, those interested in the PAC can check out the organization’s website at Membership, Board, and endorsement information can all be found on the website. It will be regularly updated throughout the coming weeks and month.

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