PS LIGHTWAVE And Tachus Collaborate On Fiber-Optic Build Outs

By: Linda Freede
| Published 11/19/2020


HOUSTON, TX -- PS LIGHTWAVE and Tachus is a story of collaboration in a nationwide trend between non-competing companies. From the time the respective owners met while attending a conference in Miami, there was a recognition of the desire to find a way to work and grow together.

Rhonda Cook, CEO and owner of PS LIGHTWAVE reflected upon their introduction, “although we operated in the same market, we had never actually met and only knew of each other by reputation. The was a realization that we shared the same deep commitment to providing a superior product, unbeatable customer service, and a vibrant culture with committed employees. The great think is that our companies are very complimentary without competing. Our target customers are completely different.”
PS LIGHTWAVE is a leading commercial provider of fiber-based, bandwidth infrastructure solutions, provider of colocation, connectivity and voice services served by NOC support operating 24/7/365. Tachus focuses on residential communities using ‘Fiber to the Home’ technology used for today’s world of streaming TV, gaming, connected home security cameras, and the Internet of Things.

John Lambert, PS LIGHTWAVE’s President said, “We are looking forward to continue working with the Tachus team to expand the opportunities that lay before us. We believe in the collaboration model and definitely have confidence in the additional strengths that it offers both of our companies. Over the last 10 years we have developed a very talented team and along with the support of our customers have been very successful. Now working together on our commercial networks and linking to the Tachus residential build outs, our capabilities continue to get stronger.”

“Our focus is building out fiber-optic networks within our local communities and concentrating on residential buildouts,” noted Carter Olds, Tachus’ Co-founder, President and CFO. “Having a company like PS LIGHTWAVE as our ‘go to’ when we need to link to a commercial property is icing on the cake. We wanted to partner with a company like PS LIGHTWAVE that is dedicated to customer service like us and we see in them the opportunity to grow with them. We don’t outsource and we do everything here in The Woodlands.”

“Tachus is a fiber internet, customer focused business, and we are passionate about always trying to do the right thing by our customers. We have a great group of people with a local focus and, we share the same vision as PS LIGHTWAVE,” Tachus Co-founder Hal Brumfield continued. “We’re building out residential communities with a buried 100% fiber optic enterprise-grade network from scratch, meaning you’ll get the same type of service and reliability that a major corporation would receive, and its bandwidth capacity is truly unlimited. With our complementary networks we gain access to the last mile.”

Brumfield further explained that “Tachus builds out the network ‘roads’ inside neighborhoods, and PS LIGHTWAVE is the ‘highway.’ We have a natural synergy and it works.”

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