Getaway Houston Review: kindling firewood and steaming cups of tea

By: Rachel Norton
| Published 01/15/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Driving on a one-way gravel road into the evening woods my mind detoured to the classic horror moments we’re all too familiar with. “What did I get myself into?” I said aloud to my dog, Traveller, whose nose was on new smells overdrive as the car was engulfed in pine. Telepathically he replied, “you mean what did you get US into?” And, “are we there yet?? I have to peee.”

I pulled into my Getaway location, sweetly named, ‘Gwen’, and experienced immediate relief and excitement at how nice and quaint the spot looked in person.

I unpacked the car - which consisted of groceries, one suitcase, and a tempur-pedic dog bed that Traveller seldom sleeps without. When I stepped into the tiny cabin, a handwritten note from a staff member adorned the desk, along with a free s’mores kit for me and free s’mores flavored dog treats for my pup. This kind surprise set the tone of the trip.

That night, after cooking pasta and combing over the documents Getaway supplied, I laid in fresh sheets with an immense calm. I went to sleep knowing that the decision to spend my birthday in a cozy cottage under the stars had been entirely the right move.

The remainder of my three-day trip was spent either outside next to the fire pit staring up at the trees or inside eating snacks while listening to Little Women on Audible (the version narrated by Laura Dern is a prime download). The word, ‘uncomplicated,’ sums up my Getaway experience - from the contentment I felt in the simplistic actions surrounding my days; fill teapot, cook meals, toss dog toy, stroke fire, to the ease and accessibility of it all.


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