Beachside in Surfside; Surfside Beach is the perfect coastal getaway for residents within The Woodlands Area

By: Rachel Norton
| Published 03/04/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Have you ever been to Surfside Beach in Brazoria County? Here's how my experience went:

When my dad asked if I’d like to go to Surfside for a weekend, my eyes went wide and my head nodded a definite yes!

I was no stranger to the relaxed beach town with its pastel houses and phenomenal sea glass treasure. When I was in high school, my family adopted the tradition of renting a house or two there for all of us to stay in during Thanksgiving. I hadn’t been back in a few years however and was in need of some healing sea air.

We showed up to the beach house, dotingly named, Sunrise and Shine. It was chilly out but the daylight held warmth. Situated right next to the jetty, the house had direct beach access with an unblocked view of the waves. It included a widespread 16 ft. deck that provided a 180-degree ocean outlook. Adorned with a hammock, a couch, picnic table, and grill, it was a wonderful space to converse, stretch out, and relax amidst the cradling sound of the tide.

The majority of our trip was spent playing board games, walking the shoreline, and making bonfires in the sand come sundown. We also went fishing at the very end of the jetty. The fish were slow to bite, but multiple dolphin sightings more than made up for it!

On our last morning, we were nearly wiped off the coast by a storm as we packed the car - with sideways rain and the wind howling, it was certainly a memorable adventure. We made Chick-fil-a chicken and waffles (a must-try) before heading home with full bellies and rested souls.

My take: Although Surfside Beach is in close proximity to Galveston, it’s nowhere near the same! It’s quieter, has prettier water, and isn’t absolutely covered in seaweed. It’s the perfect option for those in the Houston Area looking for a beach getaway without having to travel far from home!

For further details and photos of the trip, visit my blog, Rise Then Rest.

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