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By: Billy Adams
| Published 05/04/2021


Summer Camps Are Just Plain Fun!

THE WOODLANDS, TX — Texas is known for extreme weather during the summer, but despite the heat, kids still can’t wait for summertime to come around because summer means fun with their friends, exciting swimming programs and above all the ever-so-exciting summer camps. It is a well-established tradition in our area for kids to experience life at camp and it is also a welcome break from schoolwork. And to be honest, it is a time in a kids life where they have numerous opportunities to increase their social skills, expand their mind and learn to work in teams and for a purpose. You just can’t go wrong with sending your children to a good, quality summer camp. We understand your excitement and anticipation, but fret not, we have the fix. You will be amazed at what camps are being offered this year in The Woodlands.

Woodlands Online Has The Lowdown On Upcoming Area Summer Camps

Woodlands Online has always been the best place to locate cool summer camps and has compiled our findings in our well established and greatly anticipated 2021 Summer Camp Guide. This year we welcome Villa Sport as our Summer Camp Guide main sponsor. Villa Sport is a summer camp guide regular. They have been around for years and each year, they provide some of the best activities for kids through their summer camp programs. This year’s Villa Sport Summer Camp programs is called Villa Palooza. All summer long, with non-stop fun, you’ll jump into their amazing pools, make crafts with friends, showcase your skills, and play your favorite games. Your adventure may also include exciting field trips as permitted by public health orders. Make sure you break out your dance moves for a huge celebration! Villa Sport - Villa Palooza is an amazing way for your kids to spend the summer.

- Villa Sport - Villa Palooza Summer Camps

We scour the area for what’s popular, what’s trending and what our community is wanting in summer fun. We help locate the best camps in The Woodlands and try to give the most up-to-date information regarding those camps. We highlight the when, where and Y. Did we mention that the YMCA has some of the best summer camps around. Click here to view those camps. Along with the YMCA, area churches, athletic organizations, kid-centric companies as well as the Township offer your little ones the best in summer camps. Does your kid want to be a warm weather rock star, a summer scientist, or a school break Pacaso? How about sports? From music, athletics, and art, and everything in between, any type of summer camp be found in The Woodlands area on Woodlands Online.

The Best Camps Around Are In Our Community. Take Part In That Excitement

We have provided a Summer Camp Guide for more years than we can remember. And included in that guide is always a look at featured camps. These are pretty cool, by anyone’s standards. What it would be to be a kid again. These are over-the-top awesome camps that will keep your kid’s camp excitement level at record highs. This year we feature some unique camps that you might not have thought of or tried out yet. Take a second to peruse the following featured camps.

- Maximum Athletics
- T.I.P.S. Center
- The Woodlands Christian Academy
- The Woodlands YMCA
- Cordovan Art School
- VillaSport Villa Palooza
- The Woodlands Children's Museum
- School of Rock - The Woodlands
- John Cooper School

But, Wait Campers, There’s More……..

Along with our featured camps, we also list just about every other camp happening in our area. From small to large groups, and from low price to more comprehensive camps, if you are looking for summer activities for your kids, look no father than Woodlands Online.

Click here to view our Summer Camp Guide

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