David Gomez’s Amazing Mamalon Modular Outdoor Kitchens

By: Billy Adams
| Published 07/27/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX - David Gomez is the founder and creative mind behind the unique and cutting edge modular outdoor kitchen company called Mamalon. Located in Conroe, Texas, Mamalon is redefining the traditional outdoor kitchen through its innovative, durable and simple outdoor kitchen system.

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According to David, Mamalon is a modular outdoor kitchen system that looks and works beautifully, will last a lifetime, and is incredibly simple to specify, buy and install. Planning and building an outdoor kitchen can be a stressful and time-consuming process that can take several months to complete. Mamalon helps homeowners simplify the process of designing, building and installing an outdoor kitchen and avoid the high costs typically associated with building a traditional built-in outdoor kitchen from scratch. With Mamalon, a complete outdoor kitchen can be designed and bought the same day and delivery taken in just a few weeks!

David’s background was not originally in design. He earned his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Harvard University and spent 25 years working in executive management roles for various large multi-national corporations including General Electric and Dell Technologies, before deciding to venture on his own and purchase an established aluminum fabrication business in San Antonio, TX. After three years successfully growing that business, he sold it, and realizing that the outdoor kitchen market was not being properly served, he decided to start Mamalon. David may not have originally come from a design background, but he has a great talent for solving problems and decided to put those skills to great use by effectively addressing the problems that homeowners traditionally have when deciding to buy an outdoor kitchen.

We asked David what are some of the issues that people run into when deciding to install an outdoor kitchen. He mentioned that oftentimes the materials and fabrication methods used in built-in outdoor kitchens or outdoor kitchen cabinets are of inferior quality and will not last long in an outdoor environment. There's also the limited storage, the many hidden costs that homeowners tend to ignore when building an outdoor kitchen, and the complete lack of options available for homeowners who are looking for a a more modern and stylish design. Mamalon's freestanding modular functionality allows the homeowner to customize their own outdoor kitchen layout to fit almost any need, space, and style; to rearrange it into a different layout to suit their changing needs, or even to relocate it to a new home if they decide to move.

We asked him what makes him different. He said “We are different in several ways from the traditional built-In custom outdoor kitchens (stucco, brick, wood or cement board), ready-to-finish or pre-fabricated kits (aluminum/steel frames and cement board) and ‘semi-custom’ outdoor cabinets (stainless steel or aluminum) out there. While some of these outdoor kitchens may look and work well, we believe we provide the best combination of Design, Functionality, Durability, and Buying Experience that money can buy.”

David will be at the Montgomery County Home and Outdoor Living Show, August 28 & 29. Drop by his booth to check out the best in modular outdoor kitchens.

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