Volume Two of “Raising A Hand” Benefiting Rett Syndrome Available at The Montgomery County Home & Outdoor Living Show

By: Billy Adams
| Published 08/26/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX - 238 musical artists came together to participate in a labor of love project of country singer Kevin Black (brother of Clint Black) and local photographer David Clements to benefit the research and cure of Rett syndrome. The project is called “Raising A Hand” and is a compilation of over 200 music artist photos with their hands raised in support of this cause. Volume One brought together some of the biggest names in the music industry in a unique way and volume two has recently been released. You can pick up a copy of Raising A Hand at the Montgomery County Home & Outdoor Living Show, set for Aug 28th and 29th. Volume Two is the second of a three volume set of coffee table books. The creation of Volume Three is underway and will feature photos taken by Dave Clements & Kevin Black of artists’ raising a hand at The Woodland’s Dosey Doe Big Barn stage. 

The book costs $35 at the home & outdoor living show with all the proceeds going to Rett syndrome research.

The book is also available for purchase at for $35. Plus S&H

‘We think the book is even better than Volume One, and we really got great feedback on Volume One. It will be interesting to see what we hear from those who see Volume Two.  For sure this volume is bigger with 238 artists featured and many are major stars in their genres.

It's unbelievable the feeling that comes from giving the Rett community hope and the awareness that someone is out there working on their behalf to find a cure for Rett syndrome.”
- Kevin Black

A special new section of Volume Two is titled “Behind The Lens with Dave Clements & Kevin Black”.  This section includes short stories of how several of the photos were created and interactions with some of the artists featured in both Volume One and Volume Two. 

Several guest photographers were invited to have their photo/s represented in the book. One notable photographer is Mr. Ted Washington of The Woodlands Texas who for over thirty years was the house photographer the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. Ted’s photo helps tell one of the most interesting stories in the book. 

Volume Two, like Volume One is dedicated to Kevin’s daughter Cortney who died in 2003 from a rare disorder called Rett syndrome. She was sixteen when she died. And to Dave’s daughter Sara with is about the same age as what Cortney would be if still alive. Sara is a registered nurse in South Dakota and just in the last few months became a mother of a girl named Zoe. Both Dad’s are inspired by their daughters. 

These two Dads were able to sell almost 10k copies of Volume One in 43 states and 7 countries.

About Rett syndrome

Rett syndrome is a condition that affects how the brain develops. Most patients will show no symptoms until they are up to around 18 months old, and then problems will begin to develop. The disease causes the patient to gradually lose their motor skills, and speech. 

The condition is found mostly in girls and it will cause a number of symptoms that can have a considerable impact on the patient’s quality of life. The disease cannot be cured, but treatment is available that can help to lessen the impact of the symptoms on the patient. The average life expectancy of girls with the condition is mid-40s. 

About The Montgomery County Home and Outdoor Living Show

Texwood Shows was started over 15 years ago in the greater Houston area with one simple goal in mind. To have live events where homeowners could meet companies about renovation projects. Instead of tracking builders one by one, customers could find them all in one place.

They started with the Spring Home and Garden Show in The Woodlands in 2003. Since then, they have grown to expand their live events to:

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Bolstered by 35 years of experience in marketing and advertising, Tony Wood, President of Texwood Shows, Inc. has built this event company from the ground up, working hand in hand with both customers and vendors. Trust is the foundation of Texwood Shows, Inc. With each event, Wood, and staff work hard to earn the trust of business partners, vendors, and show attendees. Establishing and maintaining this trust is what has made Texwood Shows, Inc. a success.

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