OPINION: The Woodlands Country Club Forces Out Longtime Members

By: Woodlands Resident
| Published 12/02/2021


The Woodlands Country Club had an issue: not capping its membership. Members struggle to get tee times. Their solution? Take over the Golf Trails of The Woodlands and force those members out.

Members of the Oaks/Panther Course were given an ultimatum. Pay $6,000 - $15,000 to 're-join' and use the same courses as before (plus one course), or leave. Not to mention the added $300-400 per month on top of what they are already paying. They did not care that they were leaving golfers basically stranded as there are no nearby golf courses that compare. They are destroying the relationships/friendships built.

Some golfers have an extreme passion for golf as well as being an outlet for stress. They also did not account for the dreams of those golfers' kids to learn golf. Kids that also have a drive to learn the game. A younger generation without the opportunity all because of greed. Their mission statement originally mentioned wanting the younger generation in their club. That was a lie because when push came to shove, they discarded loyal members like trash. If this is what it means to live in this community, I don't want to be a part of it. There is enough greed and selfishness in this world.

- Woodlands Resident

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