WOODLANDS WEEKEND WEATHER – Valentine’s weather you could fall in love with

By: Woodlands Online Weather
| Published 02/11/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX – It’s the weekend before Valentine’s Monday, and the weather gremlins are giving up a bit of everything to match every conceivable mood.

Whether you want to celebrate indoors or out, the skies will oblige

This afternoon and tonight, we’ll enjoy some stunningly clear skies morphing into low temps in the 40s. This is a presage to Saturday morning, when we expect a few hours of scattered rain storms. Fortunately, the high will only be 54, so it won’t be muggy; instead, it’ll be perfect snuggy weather as the temps plunge to below freezing.

Sunday morning will bring wet streets but sunny skies, and that combined with temps only reaching up into the 60s make it amazingly suitable outdoor weather for you and your loved one to hit the outdoors.

Monday couldn’t be any more perfect for Valentine’s Day; the high won’t quite break 70, and there’s not a lick of rain in the forecast for that day. If you have to work that day and have your romantic plans made for that evening, the temps will drop down through the 60s into the 50s and 40s in a few short hours, making for delightful dining weather.

The clouds will come Tuesday morning and with it some slightly increased temperatures. Partly cloudy skies will hang around all day, encouraging the high to slightly break 70. That night, the clouds are expected to unload, and there’s a goodly amount of precipitation on the horizon. Wednesday and Thursday will experience thunderstorms and highs in the 70s. Thursday evening, they should taper off – leaving behind some cloud cover as a reminder and lows in the 30s – and next Friday at this time should see us back to sunny skies and crisp weather.

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