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| Published 06/13/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX – Cool weather might feel like a million years ago. With the weather giving Woodlands area residents nothing but scorching hot summer, it’s time you prepare for yet another week of torrid temperatures. With the conditions starting off too warm each morning and steadily rising through the 90s, it might feel like the rain has been set on fire as light showers will be expected at some point nearing Saturday. Nonetheless, keep your short sleeves on – and your sunscreen on standby – for a y week that constantly mixes sun and clouds.

A heated week leading to a steamy Saturday may make you want to cry your heart out

By this afternoon, the steady temperature incline makes its way up to 97 degrees, to a mostly sunny rest of the day. Whilst it’ll be hot, it’ll also be windy. The warm winds will blow upwards of 15 mph, so hold onto your hats. Tonight, we should be expecting a partly cloudy evening, ending with a mostly clear night.

Temperature wise, Tuesday is no different. Holding a steady pace within the range of 80s, the morning starts as mostly cloudy. Sunrise clocks in by 6:20, and from there it’s only getting hotter. It’ll reach a high of 95 – considerably one of the cooler days showing this week. As we end the night, we watch the midway shift into Wednesday and can expect nothing less than a day filled with heat and humidity.

The winds will die down Wednesday morning. Maxing out at 5 mph, it’s the calmest day this week. Clouds cover what should be a mostly sunny day, making it nothing more than partly cloudy. As of evening, rises in humidity lead to the weather reaching points of 100 degrees. Ending the night in the 80s, it’s clear skies to pair the next day’s conditions.

Thursday’s weather is projected to host sun in the morning, but be sheltered at the point of noon. Varying from the 70s in the morning, to 94 late into the afternoon, the day is a mix between mostly cloudy and partly sunny.

Though we’ll consistently have cloud cover all week, it doesn’t look like there’ll be any precipitation until we get closer to the weekend, but it’ll be light so there won’t be any water under the bridge.

Stay tuned on Friday as we bring you Woodlands Weekend Weather.

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