OPINION: Escalating water battles in Montgomery County and the 2022 LSGCD Director elections

By: Bruce Tough
| Published 10/26/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX – There is an important election for two director seats on the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District (LSGCD) this year. Early voting started on Monday, October 24, and Election Day is on November 8.

It is critical that we elect candidates who will manage our groundwater resources on a conservative basis for widespread public benefit. Overpumping of our aquifers has already begun to cause subsidence in The Woodlands and across Montgomery County. If we do not take conservative measures to alleviate groundwater pumping and subsidence, the ground will continue to sink and compact, and flooding will continue to get worse.

Local water expert Bob Leilich, a well-respected MUD Director and resident of The Woodlands, has written an excellent article that provides research and data on this increasingly important and controversial topic.

There are two candidates that Bob is recommending in the LSGCD election and who I support as well:

James Ridgway, Jr. for Position 3
John Yoars for Position 7

To learn more, check out Bob’s article through the link below. And if you agree with us, please share this message with your friends.

“Escalating Water Battles in Montgomery County and the 2022 LSGCD Director Elections”

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