Owner of Body BeneFits MedSpa paints herself into an art show

By: Sean K. Thompson
| Published 08/29/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX – Since 2000, Sherry Summers-Ball has provided a wide range of medspa services to residents of The Woodlands, years before the term ‘medspa’ was even in wide use. She is the founder and owner of Body BeneFits MedSpa, which has been at its current location – 4840 West Panther Creek Suite #100 – for the past 14 years.

Sherry Summers-Ball personal creative outlet goes public

In an exclusive interview with Woodlands Online, Summers-Ball talked about the early, iffy days of opening shop through the decades of growth in clientele and services, and the surprise art opening she found herself in after bringing some personal paintings to the office.

“Things have changed a lot from the beginning, back almost 24 years ago,” she said. “Back then, there weren’t ‘medspas’ or ‘medispas;’ instead, there were just spas with old-school European facials and the like. Early that year, I encountered a great medical device – a Class 2 therapeutic massager – and liked the results it gave me, so I decided to contact the manufacturer and buy one. The FDA has just cleared it to be used by more than just plastic surgeons.”

When she first started the business, there was absolutely no guarantee of success, largely based on the fact that it was a new industry. “Originally, The Woodlands wasn’t quite ready for it when I first started – back then it was either a facial spa or surgical center – but over time that changed. Now I’m getting to the things I love.”

Summers-Ball joined forces with a laser company that was doing electrolysis at the time; they combined resources – their lasers and her endermologie machine – and shared space for a while. “They eventually grew into more aesthetics, and my tech grew into cold lasers and healing modalities, along with cellulite reduction and non-invasive body contouring. We eventually outgrew each other and went our separate paths to do our own unique things,” she said.

It was important to Summers-Ball to have atmosphere keep up with the technology in her efforts to provide a welcoming environment that didn’t involve sterile walls and clinical devices at the expense of client comfort.

“You have to have that mixture of medical devices that do corrections or treatments that help someone get rejuvenated, along with traditional spa services like great relaxing facials,” she said.

Body BeneFits’ technologies are used to treat conditions like urinary incontinence, and to provide whole-body supplements and fillers, using the ‘healthy mind, healthy body’ motif in its treatments. A recent acquisition is a mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, which – according to Summers-Ball, is “great for getting past the brain barrier to calm anxiety and depression, and oxygenates vital organs.” The office has also introduced Pulsed Electrical Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) therapy, which also helps balance cells and neurons in the brain by using stimuli through a pair of high-tech goggles.

“When it comes to services, I always have to decide if it’s effective. I’ve always focused on holistic, non-invasive type treatments. I’m always asking myself, ‘Is it safe? Is it effective? Is it painless?’”

The next phase in her life came as a surprise to all, especially her. A burgeoning painter, she had brought in some of her canvased art pieces to hang in the office, when they caught someone’s eye.

“Through this journey of my business over the decades, I’ve learned a lot. My soul and my personality are to be trusting with everyone and believe what they say, but you learn reality soon enough,” she said. “Over time, various things have happened, especially in this cutthroat industry, bringing periods of stress.”

It was during one of those stressful times that she started to feel the need to paint. “I’d never done it before. But I went out and bought canvases and acrylics and just started to throw color on things, just for my own satisfaction. I never thought I’d bring them here, to be honest. But little by little I did. And the responses surprised me.”

One of Body BeneFits’ clients recently came to the office for a treatment and brought her boyfriend. He noticed the various pieces of Summers-Ball’s art hanging from the walls and was enamored by their bold, chaotic, abstract brightness.

“His name is Brad Murrill, and he fell in love with my art, which flattered me, and told me he wanted to sponsor a show. He’s highly energetic and creative, which inspired me. He got the space and is organizing everything.”

The result of this encounter is an art exhibit called ‘Summer Nights,’ taking place at Local Pour – in Hughes Landing – on Saturday, September 23, from 5 - 8 p.m. The exhibit is presented by Body BeneFits, Redfish Capital, Chris Spicks Photography, Conmigo Marketing, and The Funky Zen. The public is invited to attend for an evening of vibrant art and mingling.

“From chaos I created an outlet. It relaxed me and let me get out of my head,” said Summers-Ball. “It’s exciting and blowing me away how this developed, and how quickly.”

Body BeneFits offers services from injectable treatments to body sculpting, as well as skin care treatments. Also offered are teeth whitening and IV therapy infusions, along with so much more. In addition to their services, they have a complete online shop where clients can purchase the exact products that are used on-site.

Whether you come to the exhibit or to Body BeneFits MedSpa, she wants you to feel welcome. “Our staff, our expertise and experience, and the selected items I have, combined with our atmosphere, is what makes us what we are. We’re not white and sterile; we’re welcoming and relaxing the moment you walk in.”

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