Lone Star College-Montgomery Awards $1500 Scholarship to Conroe I.S.D. Students During Football Game

By: Kymesha Atwood
| Published 10/25/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Lone Star College-Montgomery proudly presented four scholarships to Conroe I.S.D. students, consisting of two junior and two senior students from the high schools on Friday, October 20, 2023. The scholarship awards were presented during their home conference game in recognition of outstanding academic achievements and Lone Star College-Montgomery’s commitment to the local school district.

LSC-Montgomery’s President Dr. De’ Reese Reid-Hart proudly presented the four scholarships after a halftime competition during the College Park vs. Oak Ridge game. The two high school junior and senior students from each team showcased their academic and athletic abilities by competing in a football toss for the opportunity to receive the scholarship towards their educational pursuits.

The halftime competition concluded with a heartfelt check presentation and a memorable photo opportunity alongside Dr. Reid-Hart. Junior students Alexczander Marez from Oak Ridge High School and Kevin Concepcion from the Woodlands College Park High School were awarded a $500 scholarship each. Vivian Obregon and Melody Bankhead, senior students from Oak Ridge High School and the Woodlands College Park High School respectively, were each granted a $250 scholarship.

Dr. Reid Hart's vision aimed to offer scholarships to students of Conroe I.S.D. who were considering Lone Star College a viable choice. In doing so, providing them with a pathway to achieving their academic goals. In partnership with Conroe I.S.D., this Friday night's game was dedicated to honoring the juniors and seniors and what better way to do this than by awarding scholarships.

She emphasizes the college's dedication to the academic aspirations of the local youth. “We’re excited to partner with Conroe I.S.D while investing in the future of our community,” said Dr. Reid-Hart. “At Lone Star College-Montgomery, we firmly believe in the power of education to transform lives and it was an honor to support these exceptional students.” “By providing financial assistance to these deserving students, we aim to empower them in their pursuit of higher education and personal growth."

The President is committed to ongoing community support and plans to continue to give back to the community through aiding students at events such as this. She would like to give a special thank you to Dr. Curtis Null, Conroe I.S.D Superintendent, for allowing Lone Star College-Montgomery to be a part of this football game. She also wants to express our deep appreciation to Celeste Brown, marketing & community partnership specialist, for her invaluable work in making sure this participation was possible.

This initiative underscores the importance of community engagement and highlights Lone Star College-Montgomery's ongoing efforts to be an active participant in the lives of local residents. By fostering these connections, the college aims to create a supportive network that parents and future students can rely on for guidance and resources.

In an effort to continuously invest in the future of the community, Lone Star College-Montgomery remains committed to being an integral part of the community and looks forward to continuing to provide valuable opportunities for growth, education, and success.

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