OPINION: The Winning Ticket for The Woodlands

By: TownshipFuture
| Published 11/07/2023


Here in The Woodlands, our Board of Directors elections are very important to the continued quality of life we all enjoy. From the safety of our families to the superb parks and recreation amenities we all enjoy, the operations of The Woodlands Township is guided and governed by our elected Board of Directors.

All elections are important, but it is vital in this election that we elect the right candidates to ensure The Woodlands continues on the path we all appreciate and enjoy. The three highly qualified candidates on our list are proven leaders in many aspects of our great community. Each brings a unique background, a proven track record, and the determination to get the job done on behalf of the residents.

TownshipFuture endorses the following candidates in these respective Board positions:

  • The Woodlands Township Board of Directors, Position 5, TRICIA DANTO
  • The Woodlands Township Board of Directors, Position 6, ANN SNYDER
  • The Woodlands Township Board of Directors, Position 7, CINDY HEISER

Additionally, Conroe Independent School District has four Bond Propositions on the ballot. We recommend a FOR vote for all four Conroe ISD Propositions.

Polls are open 7 am to 7 pm. You must vote in your registered polling location

For information on the location of polls on Election Day:

If you live in Montgomery County, go to Montgomery County Elections at

If you live in Harris County, go to Harris Votes at

We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.” Thomas Jefferson

Do your part. Participate.

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