Mosaics of Mercy Welcomes New Board of Directors Executive Leadership

By: Jamie Freels-Runey
| Published 11/13/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Mosaics of Mercy, the preeminent nonprofit delivering mental health and substance use resource navigation in Montgomery County, and the tri-county-area, announces four new members of its board of directors executive leadership: Ray Sanders, Secretary; Sharon Geib, Treasurer; Dr. Paulraj Samuel, Vice Chair; Evan Berlin, Chairman.

“Mosaics of Mercy has, and continues, to grow rapidly, and I am so thankful for the service of our previous board leadership who helped us get to where we are today,” said Jamie Freels-Runey, executive director of Mosaics of Mercy. “As we continue to grow, I am excited and confident that the new board leadership is prepared to carry the torch and help Mosaics continue to grow and save lives,” Freels-Runey said.

Mosaics of Mercy will serve more than 3,500 local residents in need of mental health and substance use resources in 2023. The organization employs Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), called Navigators, who take callers on a one-by-one basis and help them identify the resources best suited to address each callers’ specific need and ensures that each caller is connected.

“We have a unique model, and our Navigators respond within 24 hours, help those in need connect with a resource within 48 hours, and we always follow-up within 72 hours,” Freels-Runey said. “We are not a crisis-driven organization, our goal is to get people the help they need to prevent a crisis situation,” Frees-Runey said.

Evan Berlin, the new chairman of the board, assumes the position following Bob Evans, who has served Mosaics of Mercy for years.

“I am honored to serve Mosaics of Mercy as board chair, and I have big shoes to fill,” Berlin said. “We have an amazing organization, employ some of the most talented and caring individuals I’ve ever met, and if that isn’t enough - we have a compassionate and driven board which rolls-up its sleeves and does work,” Berlin continued, “and this is something I believe makes Mosaics so special, and those who contact Mosaics for help can feel the passion that our board and our team have to truly help people get the help they need,” Berlin said.

Mosaics of Mercy has a 14-member board of directors representing a range of experience from business, community and education leadership, to psychiatrists, counselors, and medical doctors.

If you or someone you know is in need of mental health or substance use resources, you may contact Mosaics of Mercy: 346-703-0051 or visit


About Mosaics of Mercy:
Mosaics of Mercy Board of Directors:
Evan Berlin, Chairman
Dr. Paulraj Samuel, Vice Chair
Sharon Geib, Treasurer
Ray Sanders, Secretary
Bob Evans, past chair
Robyn West, past vice chair
Carolyn Robistow, past secretary
Monique Sharp, past treasurer
Noor Ferrell
Tanya Cook
Marina Silver
Denise Cipolla
Bridget Caletka
Ann McAlpin

Our mission is to help members of our community navigate mental health and substance use recovery resources. In our community, there are families with mental health and addiction struggles. There are also resources for these struggles. But there has been a gap between the two, preventing people from making a connection. Mosaics of Mercy is building a bridge over the gap in our community.

As an organization Mosaics of Mercy was founded on and upholds the following Core Values:
Collaboration: Collaboration is about working together, even when it is hard, because the one is better served when we bring all our pieces together.
Integrity: Integrity is about doing the right thing, again even when it is hard.
Compassion: Compassion is where we honor someone’s pain even if we do not understand it or hold the same beliefs or experiences.
Neutrality: Neutrality is about not being aligned with any one organization, religion, or political agenda so that we can meet each person exactly where they are on their own unique journey.
Excellence: Well managed, responsibly governed organization. “All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence”. (MLK)

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