The Woodlands Photography Club announces 2023 annual photography contest winners

By: Woodlands Online Staff
| Published 11/20/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX – The Woodlands Photography Club hosted its recent annual exhibition of submissions to its yearly photography contest at the South County Community Center. All of the submissions adorned the walls of the center for the entire day for judges and members of the public alike to admire, then that evening the winning photographers took a bow.

The contest committee chair, Randi Munsey, and committee members Chris Summers, Ann Greene, Becky Anderson, and Teresa Otto were proud to announce the winning photographers and photos:

Best of Show -- Ann Green -- Trees of Fog (ICM)
Member’s Choice -- Tom Flink -- Here I Come (TWPC Field Trips)

1st -- Chris Summers -- Stopping to Smell the Flowers
2nd -- Andrew Steptowe -- Caddo Calm
3rd -- Randi Munsey Independent Spirit -- Austin, TX
HM -- Randi Munsey -- Sunrise Amusement

Curator’s Choice
Andrew Steptowe -- Road to Hell
Tom Flink -- Pedernales Sunset
Michaels Schaffner -- The Light Beckons
Bob Gower -- Yee -- Haw
Alicia Kominek -- The blue house
Francisco -- Collado -- Texas Country Side

Architecture BW
1st -- Michael Schaffner -- Church in The Woods
2nd -- Bob Gower -- Escheresque
3rd -- Richard Chesney -- Houston Cistern -- Underground
HM -- Dahlia Dean -- Aligned Rectangles

Curator’s Choice
Chris Summers -- Form Ever Follows Function
Kathy Craven -- Utility in Architecture
Joan Tilton -- The Portal
Bob Jefferis -- Kimbell Art Museum
Teresa Otto -- In Savannah’s Defense
Bob Clemson -- Lonely Street

1st -- Richard Chesney -- Colorado in the Fall
2nd -- Ann Green -- Winter in Yoho National Park
3rd -- Richard Chesney -- Oregon Coast Sunset Splendor
HM -- Andrew Steptowe -- Winter Vista

Curator’s Choice
Darryl Scearce -- Magical Views from the Ice Caves
Kathy Craven -- Sisters of the Summer Sun
Craig Micklethwaite -- Autumn Sprinkles
Craig Micklethwaite -- Symphony
Dahlia Dean -- Fall Colors
Zoraya Stern -- Early Stretch

TWPC Field Trips
1st -- Tom Flink -- Here I Come
2nd -- Zoraya Stern -- Wrapped in Love
3rd -- Joan Tilton -- Post Grid
HM -- Kathy Craven -- Mexicranios -- The Post

Curator’s Choice
Chris Summers -- In Nomine Patris
Chris Summers -- ’51 Ford F1
Glenn Siegert -- Hight and Dry
Glenn Siegert -- Deep Roots
Richard Yzaguirre -- Swamp Prince
Bob Clemson -- Sunflower

1st -- Michael Schaffner -- Striped Reflection
2nd Chris Summers -- The Warm Jets
3rd -- Teresa Otto -- Are Your Affairs in Order?
HM -- Craig Micklethwaite -- The Ethereal and The Eternal

Curator’s Choice
Chris Summers -- Dunk, Rinse and Spin!
Darryl Scearce -- Displaying her beauty
Darryl Scearce -- Vertrahorn by Night
Remington Mullins -- Observant Eyes -- A Shared Gaze
Zoraya Stern -- Reflections Interrupted
Richard Chesney -- Not a Baby Anymore

Artistic Digital Manipulation
1st -- Dahlia Dean -- In a Hurry
2nd -- Becky Anderson -- Sunflowers Dreaming
3rd -- Joan Tilton -- Spin City
HM -- Chris Summers -- Apollo’s Harp

Curator’s Choice
Darryl Scearce -- Whimsical Sunflowers
Becky Anderson -- Raindrops and Flowers
Joan Tilton -- Floating Flowers
Bob Jefferis -- Sand Sailing Club on the Beach
Alicia Kominek -- The House by the creek
Zoraya Stern -- If Architecture Is A Reflections of Music Standing Still, Photography Is A Frozen Moment if the Composition

ICM (Intentional Camera Movement)
1st -- Dahlia Dean -- Downtown
2nd -- Randi Munsey -- Basket Weave
3rd -- Bob Jefferis -- Ocean View
HM -- Kathy Craven -- Windchimes

Curator’s Choice
Ellen Taylor -- Out of the Park!
Tom Flink -- To Infinity
Bob Jefferis -- Sunset Watchers on the Beach
Teresa Otto -- Sunbeam
Craig Micklethwaite -- Passage of Time
Zoraya Stern -- Lifeline

New Members -- Textures/Patterns
1st -- Kathy Hutchinson -- Patterns on steroids
2nd -- Kathy Hutchinson -- Wild thing, you make my heart sing
3rd -- Remington Mullins -- Mamba Mosaic
HM -- Craig Micklethwaite -- Timeless Jigsaw

Curator’s Choice
Darryl Scearce -- Wavy Sand Beach
Jim Anderson -- Pathways
Kelly Geohegan -- Ample Staple Inventory
Kelly Geohegan -- Fuzzy Squash
Craig Micklethwaite -- Frozen Fabric

Wild Card -- Roadways, Bridges and Monuments
1st -- Kathy Craven -- Montrose Boulevard Bridge
2nd -- Joan Tilton -- Over the Top
3rd -- Tom Flink -- Exit Memphis
HM -- Chris Summers -- Forgotten Bridge to Nowhere

Curator’s Choice
Becky Anderson -- Morning Stillness
Joan Tilton -- Under the Boardwalk
Bob Jefferis -- Meeburg Bridge in Bruges after 630 years
Teresa Otto -- Below the Bridge to Nowhere
Zoraya Stern -- Beyond
Bob Clemson -- Dawn Patrol

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