Family Thanks Paramedics Who Helped Save Mother During Traumatic Stroke

By: Misti Willingham
| Published 12/15/2023


CONROE, TX -- September 23rd, 2023 started as a normal day for the Autry family. David Autry took their son, Logan, for a haircut. Kim Autry helped customers at their local mattress store. However, later, the day took a turn for the worst when Logan noticed his mom was not feeling well. She seemingly stopped breathing for a moment and then told her husband that her head was hurting badly. David noticed a change in her face and suspected she was having a stroke. He immediately called 911 and told Logan to wait outside for the ambulance and fire truck. It was important for him to give his 8-year-old son a “job” so he would not have to see his mom in that condition.

When firefighters and paramedics arrived, they confirmed David’s suspicions. Kim was in the midst of a massive hemorrhagic stroke, which meant there was a lot of bleeding in her brain. The paramedics worked to maintain her airway and alerted the hospital of her condition, so staff would be in place for her arrival. A short time later, at CHI St. Luke’s Hospital in The Woodlands, it was clear Kim may not make it through the night.

David thanked Jesus Contreras, MCHD In-Charge Paramedic, for taking the time to comfort his son at the hospital.

“What you did for Logan in the waiting room… we’ll never forget that,” said David. “To let him know that he did everything he could do, so he wouldn’t have any guilt, that was incredibly special, and we appreciate your compassion.”

After a pivotal surgery and some touch-and-go moments in the hospital, it was clear Kim was slowly improving. Within 10 days, she was awake, comfortable and communicative. Kim is now in physical therapy and actually reached a milestone when she met with the paramedics this week. She walked into the MCHD Administration Building – instead of using her wheelchair.

MCHD would like to thank all of the first responders involved in Mrs. Autry’s care:

MCHD Paramedics

Jesus Contreras, In-Charge

Zachery Thims, Attendant

MCHD 911 Dispatch Center

Brian Arthur, ALARM Medic I

Conroe Fire Department

Philip Roy

Patrick Greer

Nathan Bruce

Andrew Casper

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