Kids of the Week - Hazel and Big Sis

By: Ruben Borjas, Jr., Columnist, Montgomery County News
| Published 01/20/2024

Hazel and Big Sis

MONTGOMERY, TX -- This week we have cute little Hazel (4) and ‘Big Sis’(7). (I forgot to ask her name). They were with their mother Jessica, at Rustic Cashmere Antiques on Liberty Street in Montgomery, picking up a future family heirloom by Charles Dickens. Hazel was a little shy, but was able to answer a few questions. Her favorite TV shows are Arthur and Bluey. She has a great friend named Swazy, and her favorite color is Blue. Hazel is able to count to 4 with help, but plans on being able to count to 10 by her fifth birthday this month. Big Sis is 7, and her favorite color is Red. She is able to count to 100, but claims she can count to 1000, which is a pretty high number for a 7 year old. She said her ABCs so fast, I only counted 13 letters. Big Sis doesn’t have a favorite show, but she has a favorite movie, ‘The Kid Who Became King,’ and she loves to go to the arcade with her Dad, where she loves to play a dinosaur and a pinball game. Both girls attend a school run out of Harvest Church in Conroe, and they take part in the Classical Conversations Group, a home-school co-op, so there is no doubt that we have high expectations of these little rays of sunshine in the years down the road. Good Luck Hazel and Big Sis, and Congratulations on being MCNs ‘Kids of the Week’.

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