Veteran of The Week - Jeff 'Gunny' Shilanski

By: Ruben Borjas Jr , Reporter, Montgomery County News
| Published 03/18/2024


MONTGOMERY, TX -- This week’s Veteran is Jeff “Gunny” Shilanski, who retired from the United States Marine Corps after 20 years of service, 1993-2013. Gunny started out as a Mortarman, and became an Infantry Unit Leader as a Staff Sergeant. Jeff served in various Infantry roles on multiple tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. After retirement Gunny faced struggles with PTSD and Alcoholism, and by 2016 he attempted suicide, but his trusted German Shepherd ‘Kupp Holder’ intervened. Jeff then got help, and met a Korean War Veteran who was in a POW camp in North Korea, who had suffered like Gunny did. The crusty old Veteran guided Jeff to gather around other Veterans who suffered like he did, so they can find healing amongst themselves, and seek others who need help. Gunny’s best friend and battle buddy Joe Rasor killed himself, and Jeff had regrets about not showing his friend what he had learned from his Korean War friend. Years later Gunny realized he needed to take action, and honor his friend, Joe Rasor. In 2020, Jeff started FOB Rasor in Conroe, a peer support group that now provides support to between 120 and 150 warriors a week, with the aim to mentor, prevent suicides, and show warriors that enjoyment can be part of their lives in Mandatory Fun events around Conroe. Gunny and his crew meet with Veterans in VA Rehab, the Montgomery County Jail and Veteran Sober living homes. Good Luck Jeff, and Congratulations on being ‘Veteran of the Week’.

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