Orion showcases new circular carbon blacks at NPE2024

By: William Foreman
| Published 03/21/2024


HOUSTON, TX -- Orion S.A. (NYSE: OEC), a global specialty chemicals company, will showcase two new sustainable specialty carbon black grades suitable for wire-and-cable applications at NPE2024: The Plastics Show. In addition, Orion (booth S34099) will highlight its broad portfolio of conductive additives for pipes, films, injection-molded parts, adhesives and sealants as well as for wire-and-cable applications. NPE2024 takes place May 6-10 in Orlando, Florida.

Produced from end-of-life tire pyrolysis oil, the new circular grades match the performance of regular, fossil-based specialty carbon black. Orion tests show they have the same conductivity properties, high purity level, jetness and tinting strength as regular specialty carbon blacks. Compliant with European and international food contact standards, the new circular blacks are also suitable for piping, film, fiber, packaging and automotive applications.

“Our customers report the new circular blacks are meeting the same performance requirements as regular specialty carbon blacks,” said Kevin Milks, Orion marketing manager for Polymers and Batteries. “We’re eager to understand our customers’ concerns, resolve their challenges with ingenuity and innovation, and develop grades to address their specific performance requirements.”

Also at NPE2024, Orion will present carbon blacks that improve performance by modifying rheology and imparting UV-resistance as well as conductivity characteristics. Marketed under PRINTEX®, AROSPERSE® and other brand names, these grades readily disperse in polymers and show very low levels of ionic contamination.

In wire-and-cable applications, Orion high-performance conductive additives extend service life by imparting desired conductivities, superior surface smoothness and UV protection to medium-voltage distribution and high voltage transmission cables.

Orion follows a sustainability approach based on developing solutions for customers as they adapt to three key mega-trends: the circular economy, electrification and decarbonization.

“Within our sustainability strategy, we are committed to recycling carbon black and producing circular specialty grades with equivalent performance to regular specialty blacks,” said Jennifer Stroh, PhD, Orion director of sales and marketing. “In fact, we have a long history with sustainable grades, beginning with PRINTEX Nature, our first grade produced from renewable oils more than 10 years ago. And, we continue to lead in producing sustainable carbon blacks.”

Orion develops partnerships to provide carbon black for wire-and-cable, injection molding and other polymer applications that support the country’s growing market for electric vehicles.

For more information about Orion’s sustainability performance and initiatives, visit Orion’s Strategy for Sustainable Solutions.

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