Lone Star College-Tomball students gear up for North African trip

By: Royelyn Bastian
| Published 03/25/2024

The CASE Program selected Lone Star College-Tomball Honors College students Gwendolyn Crain, Danna Munguia and Guiliana Sodaro to participate in an eight-day trip to explore activism and social justice issues in Tunisia, North Africa.

TOMBALL, TX -- Lone Star College is redefining the community college experience through rigorous academic opportunities that support student success locally, nationally and globally. Recently, three LSC-Tomball Honors College students earned a spot in the Community, Activism and Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) Program, enabling students enrolled in community colleges and other two-year degree programs to engage with citizens in the Middle East and North Africa.

“Lone Star College-Tomball is thrilled that three of our brightest students will take part in an eye-opening and educational experience that will not only reinforce and add to what they are learning with us, but they will see how their impact can help others,” said Lee Ann Nutt, Ed.D., LSC-Tomball president.

LSC-Tomball students Gwendolyn Crain, Danna Munguia and Guiliana Sodaro will participate in an eight-day guided program in Tunisia this summer. They will interact with leading organizations, activists and community leaders on civic engagement, sustainability, race, gender, migration and other critical global justice issues through Tunisian and North African lenses.

“Since the CASE program focuses on activism and community, I look forward to learning how I can directly impact civil rights and social injustices,” said Crain, a distinguished global scholar through the Honors College at LSC-Tomball. “I hope this incredible opportunity will show me how to bring about positive change by addressing specific issues. Additionally, this trip will provide me with the necessary skill set to represent and advocate for those who can’t do it for themselves.” Crain’s future goal is to be an attorney.

The CASE Program introduces students to advocacy and civil society organizations in and around Tunis through daily presentations, panel discussions, engagement with local peers, tours and community service.

“CASE’s focus on social justice issues aligns perfectly with my interest in corporate social responsibility and my goal to bridge communities by promoting diversity and inclusion in my work,” said Munguia, a presidential scholar through Honors College at LSC-Tomball. “Participating in this program will enrich my education and equip me with the skills to make positive changes while being a responsible and informed business professional in an increasingly interconnected world.” Munguia plans to be a marketing professional.

LSC Global Scholars, a language and culture track housed in the LSC Honors College, is a competitive program that offers students intercultural learning experiences and an international core-course curriculum to ensure they are prepared to work, compete and succeed in an increasingly globalized world. Visit to learn more.

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