Pet of the Week - PeeWee

By: Ruben Borjas, Jr., Columnist, Montgomery County News
| Published 04/03/2024


MONTGOMERY, TX -- Meet PeeWee. A lovable 7 year old Corgi-Collie mix, owned by Malcolm Young, of Montgomery. PeeWee loves to do tricks. He is able to walk on his hind feet, and sit up and shake your hand. PeeWee loves to smile. He loves all his toys. Malcolm describes PeeWee as “the ideal companion.” and “the next best thing to having a good wife;” seeing as Malcolm has been married several times. PeeWee wasn’t raised with other dogs and can be shy around them, but he does love people, and enjoys being petted at every occasion. He loves and craves the personal attention he constantly gets, of which PW totally deserves. Good Luck PeeWee, and Congratulations on being ‘Pet of the Week’.

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