Whether you’re looking to sell or remodel, Kitchen Solutions has had you covered since 1986

By: Sean K. Thompson
| Published 04/15/2024


THE WOODLANDS, TX – Adam Villarreal’s career in the interior remodeling industry is nearly as old as The Woodlands Township. After spending ten years at Reynold’s Aluminium Building products division – “It’s how I got into this industry,” he says – he decided to start his own remodeling business 38 years ago. Thus was Kitchen Solutions born, the brainchild of Adam and his wife Sally, and the business has resided here in The Woodlands the entire time.

Kitchen and bath remodeling is consistently the number one ROI for residences

Kitchen Solutions reflects the familial microcosm of growing in The Woodlands. Today, the business is run by Adam and his two sons, Adam (III) and Anthony. As the Township grew, so did the Villarreal family, the business, and its reach. Today, Kitchen Solutions services a 20-mile radius from the center of The Woodlands.

In the beginning, Villarreal started off on a small scale. “I’m a hands-on business owner; it’s what I do best,” he said. The early days of garnering business were basically conducted at home shows with a foldable card table. Back then, he had to actively seek out business because The Woodlands was new and burgeoning. At long last, maintaining a local business became sustainable, and today he enjoys a thriving, popular, respected, solid family business.

“I’m a medium sized fish in a big pond,” he laughs.

Kitchen Solutions’ intractable connection to The Woodlands is evident in its community involvement and presence. Everyday residents and visitors alike can see the results of his handiwork. With small, medium, and large projects alike, the business has remodeled more than 3,000 homes in the area.

A result of that community presence is Kitchen Solutions' considerable repeat and referral business, which account for more than 60 percent of his clientele. “We’re very proud of this number. It reflects our longevity and reputation in The Woodlands,” he said. “Word of mouth is very important to me. My customers are families in this community, and we plan to stay in this community for a very long time.”

One benefit for customers is the fact that Kitchen Solutions does turnkey work, handling all aspects of an entire project, including cabinets, organizers, countertops, flooring, lighting, plumbing, appliance installations, painting, and more

A particular point of pride with Villarreal is the fact that many of those who work for him have been with him a long time, in an industry that is typically staffed with transitory and temporary workers. “I have the right people doing the right job,” he says.

Villarreal’s son, also named Adam (the third to have the name), knew at an early age he wanted to be a part of this family business for his career. “This area is my home, and this business has been here my whole life,” he says. “When it comes to family, you don’t get any closer than us.”

Of the services that Kitchen Solutions offers, Adam, Adam III, and Anthony are proud of the business’ turnkey solutions, where clients can come in and see and feel the products. Nothing is left to chance, speculation, or surprise.

Within the showroom, there is a sizable selection of quartz countertops, cabinet designs, tile, showers, and much more to give customers a significant variety for any decorating taste. Additionally, Kitchen Solutions is an elite dealer of Silestone Quartz products – a popular hybrid of natural and manufactured minerals – that allows the company to pass on big savings to customers, who are encouraged to ask about Silestone’s quartz showers that feature a new design for low maintenance upkeep.

Beyond the traditional project lineup of products and service offerings, the younger Adam and his brother Anthony enjoy showing customers the benefits of EZ Reach, a series of custom slide-out shelves that provide tremendous functionality and improved storage inside new or existing cabinets. “We retrofit drawers into existing cabinets with this state-of-the-art organizational cabinet solution,” he said. Easily integrated into kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and/or garage cabinet setups, EZ Reach is quick to produce, with typical turnaround times of two to three weeks and three- to six-hour installations.

While Kitchen Solutions offers complete renovation services, they also understand the concept of budgetary requirements when called for. “We can go from a full-bore remodeling to what we call a ‘face-lift’ – which is where they sand, prime, and paint the cabinets and add new tops and flooring – for a cosmetic update.

‘Refacing saves money,” said the senior Adam. “We replace the doors but keep the actual cabinets, add new knobs and hinges, and things like that, making it about half the price of a full remodel.”

With his growing family – currently at five children and ten grandchildren – Villarreal continues to enjoy life and business in The Woodlands. “We’ve been local for 38 years and we’re certainly not going anywhere. “We’re right here to service our community.”

Kitchen Solutions is located at 25901 I-45 A on the southbound feeder in The Woodlands.

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