OPINION: The Woodlands MUD elections endorsements

By: Bruce Tough
| Published 05/03/2024


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Tomorrow, May 4, is Election Day for The Woodlands Municipal Utility District (MUD) Directors Elections. Voting will occur from 7 AM to 7 PM. You can check the Montgomery County elections page to determine your MUD and voting location.

There is a lot at stake for The Woodlands in our MUD Directors elections, so it is important to get out and vote. Water is our most precious resource, and the MUDs play a key role in the management of our drinking water and wastewater. If The Woodlands is to remain the number one "city" in America to live, we should strive to maintain quality cost-efficient water services as our community's water infrastructure ages. Do we want to go the direction of Flint, Michigan?

Here are the Candidates I endorse for each of the MUD elections in The Woodlands:


  • Andrew Freeman
  • Hartley Mackintosh
  • Mindy Reynolds


  • Patricia Goodpastor
  • Ronald Kutsche
  • Debra Sargeant


  • Don Sarichi

MUD 36

  • Ken Polk
  • Vince Fredrick
  • Pam Fontenot

MUD 39

  • Ted Stanley (Theodore)
  • Keith Lincoln
  • Chris Dodd

MUD 46

  • Debra Ecklund
  • George Newman

MUD 47

  • Jeanette Price

MUD 60

  • Paul Schuh
  • William (Bill) Friebel

MUD 67

  • Stuart Schroeder
  • Larry Copeland

Yours truly,
Bruce Tough
Former Chairman of The Woodlands Township Board
Tough Law Firm

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