Melannie Borbon Named City of Conroe's Employee of The Year

By: Andrew Yousee
| Published 05/07/2024

Mike Rodriguez | Melannie Burbon | Jessica Arnold

CONROE, TX -- Engineering Aid, Melannie Borbon, has been named the 2023 City of Conroe Employee of the Year on Monday, May 6th, during an Employee Appreciation lunch held at the city’s Public Works training facility. The City of Conroe’s Employee of the Year program recognizes the work and actions of the City’s employees that have consistently displayed exceptional service for an extended period.

"Melannie has incredible business skills, evident when meeting with business and property owners, ensuring the city accomplishes its needs while maintaining a positive relationship with customers." Christopher Bogert, City Engineer.

Borbon is the lead contact for many of the issues encountered with the Alley Underground Conversion project. Her constant communication with the downtown business owners helped the project run smoothly as she handled the important details with confidence and professionalism.

Also recognized during the ceremony were the 2nd and 1st Runner's-up for the prestigious annual award.

2nd Runner-up Mike Rodriguez, a Parks Supervisor with Parks and Recreation, has been an integral part of our city for over 20 years and constantly works to maintain and improve our city parks and facilities.

1st Runner-up Jessica Arnold has been with the city since 2000 and is described as someone who puts her blood, sweat, and tears into her work. Jessica always works hard to find a solution wherever there is a problem.

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