Op/Ed - Woke and Broke Culture

By: Ruben Borjas, Jr., Columnist, Montgomery County News
| Published 06/11/2024


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX -- This column may upset some. And quite frankly, I don’t care about Democrats feelings, but it needed to be written.

One of my favorite comedians is Russian-British satirist Konstantin Kisin, who was born in the former USSR, or Soviet Union, and was able to move to the United Kingdom after the fall of communism in 1991. The brilliance of Kisin is his way of thinking. Having grown up for a fourth of his life in Communism, and then experiencing Capitalism, it truly affects you, and makes you appreciate the things you have. I can relate, having grown up in Capitalism, and making trips into Communist East Berlin. Kisin never finished college, which empowers him to think free from citizens who take their freedoms for granted. But still, he is able to go into places like the Oxford University Student Union and talk sense to them.

Kisin constantly speaks on woke culture going too far. His aim is to point out that free speech is the foundation of Western Civilization, and is framed to enlighten people by treating people based on the content of their character, not just on the color of their skin. Which is why Democrats and Leftists across The World seek to destroy, or cancel those who they dislike or hate. The reason why Democrats are destroying their own cities and states is that they refuse to acknowledge anyone else's opinion that is different from their own. When your universe is reinforced by self-sustaining idiotic opinions that do not reconcile with common sense, then failure is your only option. The foundation of your thoughts is built on sand, and cannot withstand simple truths in the arena of ideas.

Thankfully, those indoctrinated in colleges and universities; are slowly finding out that their way of thinking was flawed (and there plenty examples of people fully admitting it on social media), especially after they graduate finding out their degrees in gender, or race, or whatever woke science they bought into is basically worthless on the open market. Those graduates then realize that they’ve been had by Democrats, just as the student counterparts in public schools who were never really prepared by teachers for real life.

Wokeness is a racism that is acceptable to Democrats. It attacks one’s character with no thoughts to the feelings of those being assaulted either physically or verbally. And their theory works on the innocent babies in The Womb, onto Jewish students and professors at woke colleges and universities, or little old Asian ladies walking down the street. With Gaza protests, dissenting peoples views are stampeded off whether they have a voice or not. And even those attackers will one day have a realization that they have been fooled, especially when it comes to finding meaningful employment. Graduates think not of their actions as students and don’t imagine the implications they will have when applying for high profile jobs. And these companies are taking note that they do not want troublemakers walking their halls, and causing waves when the object for a company is to make a profit that pays employee salaries and keeps the backing of the shareholders. Over two dozen Google employees found that out when they were fired over a billion dollar deal with Israel.

Woke revolutionaries want to destroy Western culture, And chances are the students who propagate the ideals of their protest leaders, more often than not, have no ties to the university that they are protesting. But, do the leaders even realize that the anarchy they are implementing will eventually take their freedom, and possibly even their lives. Communist leaders, and let us not forget that communism is at the heart of this issue, don’t want cell phones in the hands of the people. They certainly don’t want legal gun owners, nor The Flag, or anything else that promotes American Patriotic Values.

Universities at the heart of Gaza protests are learning the hard way that by allowing Woke students to rule to roost, and run roughshod over Jewish and White professors and students, those uni’s are assuming the financial consequences that will inevitably undermine the burden of their running a major learning institution. They are finding out that Jewish and other Alumni mega-donors have shut their doors to donations to their alma maters. Some universities have reported millions of dollars in damage that affects their bottomline in the end. Palestinian protesters have essentially killed the golden egg laying goose that colleges and universities depended on for hundreds of years. Not only is it making a college education more expensive for students, but people are finding out that it’s not necessary to have a degree to be successful in life, when going to a trade school, or branching out on your own can be just as enterprising.

Leftist have eroded culture to the point that they can’t spin their way out of with people who live in their crap strewn and drug infested cities and states. Those folks have seen the destruction first hand and it doesn’t correspond with the real-time misery that they themselves are living. There are so many ‘I Told You So’s,’ that can be gleaned from this, it’s ridiculous. It’s why Donald Trump is being given a second chance, and people who were once blind, can see through the leftist rhetoric that was once so popular, and now see that Republicans aren’t the mean and evil bogeyman that Democrats had once portrayed them.

Woke Culture is coming to that fad ending point, such as the 12 years of Hitler’s Third Reich. And its people like Konstantin Kisin that are helping it sink faster than the Titanic. Wokism is unable to sustain itself, and since it requires money that is not forthcoming from the protesters themselves, and the chances of it succeeding are miniscule. The 1960’s protesters had to eventually grow up, and so will the woke protesters of today. The only problem is that the employers of the late 60’s to 70’s didn’t have the internet search capabilities that employers have today. Truth matters over personal feelings.

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