Academy of Science and Technology at The Woodlands College Park High School

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  • 3701 College Park Drive
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Preparing Students for the Future

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About Us

Dr. Susan Caffery
Academy Mission
The mission of the Academy of Science and Technology is to prepare students having a strong interest in mathematics, the sciences, and technology for success in college and life. We will provide a challenging and innovative program designed to develop student responsibility, motivation, and commitment to learning within an ethical learning community emphasizing trust and cooperation.
Students who graduate from the Academy of Science and Technology will be socially responsible citizens who work to improve the world.
The Academy is an integrated, interdependent learning community.
We share a commitment to truth, ethical behavior, and doing our best.
Success depends on cooperation and teamwork.
All students have unique abilities, needs, and goals.
Growth can result from failure as well as success.
We benefit from diversity.
Trust fosters a safe and productive environment for learning and working.
Students benefit from diverse experiences.
High expectations promote success.
Success is measured by more than just grades.
We want students to be well-rounded.
We make decisions involving all stakeholders.
School experiences should mirror real-life experiences.
Communication and cooperation with similar programs benefit our school.
Students are responsible for managing their learning processes; teachers are their guides.


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