Helping Our Veterans

By: Charleen
| Published 07/13/2013


Why can't we help out our veterans. I was at Walgreen's at Gosling and Research Forest today. There is a veteran standing outside the front door and I sat in my brother's truck while he went in a picked up my prescription. As I sat there I watched men and women walk by this veteran like he was not even there.

We have to help our veterans who are coming home in bad shape. Every day 5 soldiers that have come home commit suicide. They have PTSD, there are veterans with agent orange, depression and many other injuries that are not noticed by just looking at these veterans and they need our help.

Stop and put your change, $1.00 or even more, [into their pockets]. At least acknowledge that this veteran is standing there. We should thank every member of our military, not ignore them. This is a very sad day now that I saw with my own two eyes. Come on folks. Thank a veteran every day. God Bless them. But don't ignore them like they're not there. Shame on you!

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